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Amended Soul by Kate Steele

Amended Soul
Author: Kate Steele
Length: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-68252-106-9
Genre: Gay, Urban Fantasy, Shapeshifters
Prev Book: Altered Heart 
Release Date: 03/15/16 

Jamie Hardin has had his fair share of ups and downs. He's been widowed once and divorced once with extreme prejudice. Due to the machinations of his ex-wife, Jamie's son Rio ran away at sixteen. Two years later, Jamie has the chance to reconnect with Rio and so he moves himself and his five-year-old adopted son to a new town, in a new state to start over. The welcome he receives from Rio is everything Jamie had wanted, what he wasn't prepared for was Jed Matranga. From the moment they meet, a simple handshake is all it takes to light a fire Jamie has no idea how to handle.

Jed Matranga, single werewolf, has just met his mate. In addition to being gentle, caring and clever, Jamie's emotionally wounded. He's also not gay. For Jed it will be the challenge of a lifetime to prove to Jamie that trusting his own judgment is the right thing to do, and where relationships are concerned, it's feelings and not gender that matters.

Book Title: Altered Heart
Author: Kate Steele
Publisher: Loose Id
Publisher URL:
ISBN: 978-1-59632-822-8
Genre: LGBT Shape shifter, Paranormal
Nymph Rating: 5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs reviewer: Chocolate Minx

Rio Hardin decides to call it a night and go to his rented room when a large guy grabs his shoulder and offers to pay for sex. A runaway turned street hustler, Rio needs rent money so he accepts the guy’s offer. That guy turns out to be Kevin Sutter, a sadistic alpha werewolf. Rio is bitten and held captive by Sutter for weeks before he is rescued.

The Committee for Supernatural Behavioral Enforcement had received reports of Sutter’s activities and sent enforcer and werewolf Mick Matranga to arrest Sutter. When Mick confronts Sutter, it ends with a fight to Sutter’s death. Mick then moves on to the other part of his mission of rescuing the used and abused Rio.

Altered Heart is an emotionally gripping well written plot with realistic circumstances that most people can relate to. Rio is a runaway who has suffered many abuses. Survival is his only motivation for being a hustler; there is no pleasure in the acts he must perform to live. He has lost his ability to trust strangers and separates his emotions from his body.

Surviving all the abuse he has endured, Rio’s mental state is still capable of having reasonable judgment and the more time he spends with Mick, the more Rio realizes that Mick has no hidden agenda and is not the enemy; the desire to be with Mick begin to surface.

Mick is an honorable and compassionate man who can be a bad ass when it comes to people breaking the law and abusing others. His wolf knows that Rio is his mate, but Mick denies his instincts rather than push Rio into something that he is not prepared to deal with.

All of that changes when Rio is facing his first full moon change, Mick endeavors to ease the pain by giving Rio sexual pleasure, which also serves to bond the mates, making two wolves very happy at last.

The extraordinary Kate Steele has the ability to engage your heart, mind and libido in this compelling story that exhibits the plight of runaways; some of the obstacles they face and the social awareness of a few caring individuals. The real life characters lured me into the saga and held me spellbound to the very end of this tantalizing, thought provoking and very sensual tale. Altered Heart is a keeper to be read more than once. 

Dear Readers,

Thank you for allowing me to share with you the workings of my overactive imagination. While being permitted to put these thoughts into words is a pleasure, providing enjoyment to others by doing so, goes beyond even my wildest dreams.

I love romance and all the difficulties faced by those striving to make a relationship work. My characters live lives in various worlds; paranormal, contemporary and science fiction, all packed with emotion and erotic heat designed to ignite not only your heart, but other parts as well. 

Within the pages of my various works, reviewers have found "creative well-paced plots", "sexy characters" and "heart-warming and hilarious scenes". I hope you too will find these and more. 

Author Bio:  
Having been an avid reader of romance for years, and being possessed of an overactive imagination, I decided to try my hand at writing.

I discovered that, like reading, writing is addictive. Whether writing paranormal, contemporary or science fiction romances about werewolves, other worldly creatures or the average Joe, I found the perfect creative outlet.

As for the everyday details, I live in a turn of the century house in the midst of Indiana farm country, and am kept company by my family, along with dogs and other assorted pets. When not writing, I read, am an enthusiastic grower of iris, and a fanatic fan of Japanese manga and anime.

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