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Club Revenge by J.M. Dabney

Club Revenge by J.M. Dabney
SERIES: Dysfunction at its Finest, Book 1
PUBLISHER:  Stiff Rain Press
RELEASE DATE:  April 23, 2015
GENRE:  Paranormal Dark Fantasy/Horror
TAGS:  Vampires, Shifters, Cults, Dark Fantasy, Horror
HEAT LEVEL (1 being no sexual content, 5 being erotica): 5
PAIRING: Female/Female (Part 1) Male/Female (Part 2)

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Let me start by saying thank you to Literary Nymphs for letting me share my novel with you today. Club Revenge took many years to write. The idea for it started as a crazy concept and exploded into a monster. CR almost never made it from Word to Stiff Rain Press. I always thought this wouldn’t work. Who wants to read about a Dysfunctional Paranormal Family? Amora is so unlikable.
I’ll tell you a bit about the characters involved.
Amora Medina-Jackyl, she’s the Matriarch of her small Clan of two. Her parents and siblings were murdered, and then the Order of Angelus kidnapped her. They held her prisoner and turned her into nothing more than a monster. She hides the pain behind her bitchiness and her need for retribution. A monster who fights for the ones that can’t fight for themselves. Yes, one part shows she’s craves the battle—the bloodshed, yet another exposes rare glimpses of something softer. Her vulnerability comes in the need she has to feel peace. Amora knows she’ll pay for her sins, but all the blood on her hands would be worth it for simply one day of peace.

That’s where Lark comes into play, she’s a member of the cult responsible for the deaths of Amora’s family. She’s sweet, almost innocent, and maybe a bit naïve to seek out a monster for help. When she meets Amora she knows there’s more behind the bright blue eyes than what she was taught by the Elders. Lark couldn’t deny Amora was as dangerous as rumored, although she couldn’t make herself not care for the Vampire. She refused to believe the feelings she was developing were wrong—she loved the monster.

Ripper, Amora’s son, grew up taught family was to be protected above all else, even his own existence. The concept of family wasn’t one born of blood, but of battles fought back to back and the bond borne of it. Violence wasn’t a stranger, and he’d accepted it. Prophesies foretold, impossible decisions taken out of his hands, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. Because of fate he held himself back, protected himself and the ones he loved by escaping and staying hidden from his family’s enemies. It all worked out fine, until he realized he needed acceptance. To be more than a monster, and that approval came in the guise of one woman.

Tasha lived and worked among the preternatural creatures. It was a reality she’d accepted for a decade. Her boss and friend, Amora, treated her well and brought her into the family that existed inside Club Revenge. The one thing she couldn’t accept was the feelings she had for her boss’s son. His appearances home were rare and she could almost forget her attraction to the younger-appearing man. Ripper would flirt and she’d knock him down with her usual sarcasm. That was until Ripper decided to ignore her act and claim what he assumed was his. Fighting love turned out to be an impossible battle, especially when the other person fought so hard for her.

This is the beginning of a series of several books, Amora and Lark, Ripper and Tasha only scratch the surface. Conspiracy theories, cults, a lot of carnage, and love, it all existed within the pages of Club Revenge. I hope if you take the time to get to know The Family that you’ll love them as much as I did and do. Thank you.

Amora Medina-Jackyl and her son, Ripper, know one thing well--vengeance. They inflicted pain without mercy to those who deserved the punishment. Although, they lived by one motto, family is to be protected above all else. When a child, an ancient cult murdered Amora's parents and siblings. They never knew the Hell they brought down on themselves that one brutal night.

Amora was many things in her four centuries. A daughter and a sister, a mother, yet she was best known as a killer. When she meets her end, Amora will have hundreds, maybe thousands of lives to answer for. Her only wish is to find one moment of peace. She denies her need as much as she fights to protect it. When the one woman who can bring her serenity comes into her life, can Amora destroy century old walls to let her in?

Ripper has watched his mother fight savagely for others. He learned lessons in revenge from the moment of his birth; Ripper was his mother's son. Yet he has a curse hanging over his head. A prophesy that wouldn't be denied. He wants some semblance of normal. When he can't deny his need for the one woman he's kept his distance from would his love cause pain or pleasure?

When some truths come to light, the very reality of the family changes. Can they know something other than the taste of revenge and loss?

Smoke, flesh turned to ash and laughter met her screams. Her body bowed upward as she fought against the heaviness of chains. Screams and hisses turned to utterances of nonsense as she savored a moment’s reprieve before a broad body blocked the single, narrow window. Skin crackled and blisters seared her paper-thin flesh.

“Amora!” Her head thrashed with confusion, they never called her name with such concern; they never called her by her name at all. “Amora, please!” Terror, someone afraid for her, the sound beautiful in the torturous day. A scream pierced the cell as fire licked at her body; fingers and toes dug into soft, damp soil.

“You won’t break me! I’ll die first,” she hissed with her last stores of rage. Agony stole a bit more of her mind. Soft hands stroked her face, a comforting touch.

“Amora, come back to me please.” The plea was soft as tender lips touched hers.

Dream and reality battled for supremacy, memory pulled deeper, yet gentleness tried to lead her back from the precipice of darkness. Her crazed mind desperately tried to move closer to that voice calling to her, whispering to her of loving things. Hands seized her arms and the chains broke as she circled a slender throat and squeezed. The slight pain of nail pricks caused her lids to slam open. Frightened wide eyes in an ashen face stared at her and hands gripped her wrists.

“Lark!” She released the woman’s throat and searched frantically for damage, her fevered mind still lost partly in the past. “Are you insane? Never do that again.”

Her hands and fingertips caressed over Lark as the woman lay gasping on her bed. “Can you swallow?”

Her only answer was a jerky nod, until Lark spoke in a rough and cracked whisper. “I heard you scream.” Reality came back in a rush as she noticed her position. She lay between lush thighs. The T-shirt she’d let Lark borrow rested high on the sweet curve of Lark’s belly.

Lust gut-punched her and she rested her weight on one arm as she pushed the hem higher.
Small breasts were bared in the dim shuttered room; Lark’s tightly furled nipples were orbited by pale pink areolas that darkened to deep coral at the pointed peaks. She couldn’t help but lick her lips as she lowered her head to flick the hard tip of her tongue over one. The texture caused her to growl as Lark shivered and arched. “Pretty.”

Lowering her head she wrapped her lips around the hard bud and rolled her tongue over it. Amora sank her fangs into Lark’s tender flesh and tasted the perfect flavor of a few drops of blood on her tongue. It was the heady flavor of lust perfectly infused with fear and she increased the pressure for another taste. It was sweeter than the first time.

Lark’s trembling thighs gripped Amora’s hips. She angled her hips down and pushed her stomach to the heated folds. Wet cotton was warm where it met her cool skin and the scent of Lark’s arousal made all others pale. She sat up and rested back on her heels, draping Lark’s thighs over hers and scored the satiny skin inside with elongated nails until she met the creases where thighs met panties. “Is there nothing you’re going to say? Perhaps tell me no.” 

Meet the Author
By day, she’s an introverted cook hiding out in her kitchen in the middle of nowhere Ohio, by night and any free time she may have, she is a writer of mainly LGBTQ Fiction and Erotica. Although, she’s equal opportunity when it comes to telling a story, she'll even write a bit of straight erotic romance when the mood strikes.

She has been writing for years in old notebooks. At the age of eight, she wrote the worst poem in the history of poetry, but it sparked her love for writing. She reads too much and loves to get lost in other worlds and her favorite stories have to include laughter and at least one reader doing a double take.

Thirty-something, forever restless, she uses her stories to ground herself, and find her place of peace.

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