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Welcome to Lobster Cove By Carol Lynne

Changing Characters
By Carol Lynne

When writing a series, characters are often introduced early as secondary characters. Many times, these characters remain true to their history, but there are times when a metamorphous seems to happen. Suddenly, the shy guy in town becomes a vigorous and outrageous lover when it comes the time to write his story.

I never let a character’s past get in the way of exploring who he truly is. I know that everyone in my everyday life believes I’m a sweet forty-nine-year old prude. That’s not really the case, but I don’t care what others think.

I have a story coming up in the Cattle Valley series that I’ve been dying to write. A man by the name of Guy Hoisington has been a secondary character in the series since early on. Through the years, Guy has not endeared himself to the town.

The once Olympic Gold Medalist has battled with the bottle, his own sense of superiority and a disgusting use-them-then-lose-them mentality when it came to other men.

When last I checked in with Guy, he not only caused a horrific car wreck while drunk driving, but he was in a coma. Yes! Perfect. I can’t think of a single reader who wants Guy to survive the accident, but that’s when the fun happens because no one really knows Guy.

What happened to make him the man he’s become? Is he truly as nasty as everyone believes or is he a lost soul searching for redemption in all the wrong places?

You’ll find out soon, but I have to say, I’m more excited to start his story than I have been in a very long time.

In the meantime, you’ll be introduced to characters in the new Lobster Cove series. It’ll be interesting to see how the secondary characters evolve because even I don’t know. That’s the joy of writing series, in my opinion.

In Lobster Cove, I’m anxious to see how Ava Hughs evolves, so I thought I’d leave you with a snippet of Dante’s best friend Ava from Welcome to Lobster Cove.

This is book one in the Lobster Cove series, see the full series listing here

When following your dream lands you in Lobster Cove, Maine, anything is possible.
After gaining custody of his younger brother, Boone Jensen moves to a unique LGBT community on the coast of Maine. There, he hopes to find work as a stonemason, heal his broken heart and give his brother a safe place to call home.

Life was good in New York City for chef Dante Madia, until his business partner betrayed him. Determined to trust only himself, Dante risks everything on a new restaurant venture in a small fishing village built on acceptance.

Neither man is looking for love, but in a town like Lobster Cove, secret dreams have the ability to become realities.

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Stepping out onto the sidewalk, Dante was confronted by a short, curvy woman with long blonde hair. With her hand on her cocked hip, Ava Hughes narrowed her eyes. Shit. He knew that expression well. After nearly nineteen years of being on the receiving end of Ava’s scowl, he knew he wasn’t going anywhere until he’d heard her out.

“What’re you doing here?” he asked.

Ava jerked her head toward a large pickup full of furniture, boxes and a drooling Rottweiler named Daisy. “I’m coming with you.”

Dante started at the announcement. “Excuse me?” He knew she’d been in a funk since Scott had taken off without notice, but he seriously doubted whether Lobster Cove was the right place for her. Ava deserved to find a good man who wanted to settle down and have an entire passel of kids. 

“How the hell’re you gonna get over Scott in a town full of gay men and lesbians?”

“I just wasted eight years of my life on a cheating, stealing, scum-sucking, couldn’t-find-my-clit-worth-shit asshole. 

So excuse me if the idea of a town full of hot guys who have absolutely no interest in me is perfect.” 

Ava took a step toward Dante. “Besides, you’re the only family I have, and I know for a fact you don’t know jack about managing a restaurant.”

His first instinct was to tell her no way in hell would he allow her to make such a drastic change in her life over a man like Scott, but, as he lowered his head to stare at the sidewalk, he knew she needed out of New York as badly as he did.

When he’d initially decided to pull up stakes and head north, he’d visited the small, picturesque town of Lobster Cove in order to lease a plot of land to build his dream restaurant and rent a house.

He’d ended up finding a nice place with four bedrooms and three bathrooms at one-fourth the price he paid each month for his one-bedroom apartment in New York. No way did he need all the space, but after living in under a thousand square feet for the last ten years, spreading out sounded nice.

He studied Ava for several moments. He’d loved the cute pain in the ass since the day her social worker had dropped her off at the foster home he’d lived in for fifteen months. 

“You can stay with me until you figure your shit out,” he mumbled.

After clapping in excitement, Ava launched herself at Dante, giving him no choice but to wrap his arms around her. He heard Daisy barking and turned his attention to the truck.

“What’s with the new wheels?” he asked.

Ava released Dante before grinning up at him. “I’ve always wanted one, and I needed something to haul my stuff.”

Dante walked toward the pickup. There was a dent in the front quarter panel as well as a large section of rust running along the bed. 

“You sure this thing’ll make it to Maine?”

Ava waved her hand. “It may look like shit, but I took it to a mechanic and he said it has at least another twenty thousand miles in it before it’ll need to be either replaced or rebuilt.”

Resigned, Dante pointed to the large, yellow moving-truck parked down the block. 

“You have your phone?”

Ava patted her pocket. “Got it. I wasn’t sure of your new address, so I punched the location of the post office in Lobster Cove into my GPS.”

“What were you planning to do if I turned you down?” Dante asked, already knowing the answer.

“Follow you anyway,” she stated.

“Yeah, that’s what I figured.”

About Carol Lynne: 

An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. Carol juggles between being a full-time mother and a full-time writer. These days, you can usually find Carol either cleaning jelly out of the carpet or nestled in her favourite chair writing steamy love scenes.

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