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All in the Details by AKM Miles

All in the Details
Author: AKM Miles
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: January 30, 2015

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Beau Garner meets Nash Tyler under very strange circumstances. Beau's so not the gun type. Their relationship develops over a period of time filled with one wild ride after another. Beau, with his OCD, is the owner of a successful event planning company called Details. 

Beau's fairly simple life of planning parties, showers, and so on, with his well-chosen staff, changes to nearly getting arrested, to saving a young woman, to becoming the victim of hate crimes, and then things really get beyond bizarre.


 “This is seriously special, Nash. I’m not kidding when I say I really love it. It takes me back to being at my grandmother’s. Was this in your family? I would love a tour. Do we have time before we eat?” Beau asked, looking around, taking in more and more things in the old kitchen that made it unique. There were pitchers and an old metal coffeepot. Some of the cabinets had glass on the front and he could see dinnerware that he knew would bring in money if Nash ever needed it.

“Sure we do, but I was kind of hoping for something else,” Nash said, closing the refrigerator door and walking right up to Beau, looking down at him.

Beau felt really short next to him when they were this close and he was trying to look into Nash’s eyes. Nash was definitely in Beau’s personal space and Beau liked it. Nash smelled good. He’d obviously showered when he got home and changed. He was wearing some kind of aftershave… Mmm, Beau had a strong urge to reach up and smooth his hand down Nash’s face. He cleared his throat as he looked up at Nash.

“Um, you were? I mean, something like, uh…?” From babbling to a loss for words. He must really be making a good impression.

“Yeah, something like this,” Nash said, reaching to pull Beau against him. He bent his head and took Beau’s mouth with his and Beau found it hard to hold in the whimper that wanted out. He opened and let Nash’s tongue in, meeting it with his. Oh, that was just delicious. Nash hadn’t been tasting as he cooked, because his mouth was fresh and clean and yummy. Beau breathed through his nose and reached up with his arms to pull himself tighter to the man who was trying to steal his last breath. Frankly, he would happily give it up if Nash kept on with what he was doing. It was a good while before Nash pulled back and Beau had a hard time letting him go.

Beau dropped his head against Nash’s chest and gulped in air. “Okay,” he managed, “that was good, really good.” His words were mumbled against the dark blue tee, and now that Nash had straightened, Beau stepped closer, plastering himself to the tall man.

“Mmm, you feel good against me.” Nash tightened his arms around Beau and rocked him from side to side.

“I wish I was taller,” Beau mumbled. He did. It would be so nice to lean in and take a kiss when he wanted it without Nash having to bend. As much as Beau liked the kisses and wanted many more, he was worried about Nash’s neck!

“Why?” Nash asked. He leaned back to look down into Beau’s face. “I like you just like you are, compact, light, and adorable.”

“Aw, that was so nice. I’ve never disliked my size before, but I had this feeling that maybe you’d get tired of leaning down all the time to kiss me. That might have been presumptuous of me, but I hope we’ll be kissing a lot more.”

“Not presumptuous at all. Good word, by the way. Don’t you worry about it, Beau. We’ll find ways to get our lips together. It’s not too much of a stretch for either of us. Even though I’m skinny as a fence post, I’m really strong. May I?”

Beau didn’t know what he was asking at first, but when he felt Nash’s hands on his waist he nodded and then his face was on the same level as Nash’s. He’d never been picked up before. He grabbed Nash’s shoulders and laughed, loving it. Wrapping his legs around Nash, Beau leaned in and pressed his mouth to Nash’s. Nash was right. They’d find ways.

Author Bio

AKM Miles loves reading the M/M genre and decided to write what she loves. You can expect there to be a happy ending every time. You can expect for the two men to find each other and choose to be together fairly early on, and then face conflicts, trials, and experiences as a couple.

Her books can be found at Torquere Press, Totally Bound, and MLR Press.She loves to throw children in the mix, along with pets and wacky and wonderful friends. Hopefully, readers will love the emotional love stories that fill her head and spill onto her computer. 

AKM loves to hear from her readers and has formed a good relationship with many who have loved her characters over the years. Feedback is very important to this author.


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