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Claim by Sierra Cartwright

Bond Series
Sierra Cartwright

Hi, Literary Nymphs! Thanks for having me...I appreciate the time and the space.  I do appreciate the insightful comments you make in your reviews and your overall respect for the genre. Thanks!

Real life influences my writing, often in ways I never imagined, and that definitely happened with the Bonds series from Totally Bound.

When I began exploring the idea for book one, Crave, I knew that Reece had a very close friend who was a bit eccentric. So I wanted him to have a bit of an unusual name, one that might reflect his heritage. Sometimes I struggle with naming characters. I’ll change a name half a dozen times during the first chapter, just to be sure I get it right. This time, though, I didn’t hesitate. I knew his name was Julien Bonds.

But I didn’t know how the two met.

Around the time I had the idea for the series; I packed up, moved, and became a resident of Texas. I quickly learned that college football teams receive a lot of attention. Every weekend in the fall, I would see people wearing Longhorns T-shirts or hoodies. Team apparel is even sold at the airports.

My husband is a sixth-generation Texan. And he was constantly regaling me with stories of his college days. So it was natural that I would have my hero and his friend attend the University of Texas at Austin. I did a bit of research and learned that UT is well-respected for business as well as engineering degrees. So it was the perfect fit.

And of course, I figured Reece and Julien had more friends, all of whom would have been attracted to UT at Austin. I’ve never enjoyed writing more than I did when the college friends all get together for Julien’s birthday party.

Naturally all of these men have strong beliefs and have charted a course for their futures. That is, until women come along and makes them question everything they think they know. (We women have a talent for doing that!)

Claim features Kennedy Aldrich, a hero who is a bit of a rebel and an ultra-successful business man. He’s never been interested in getting married. In fact, he’s made an art of dodging the marital noose, until he runs into Mackenzie at a local BDSM club. Suddenly a relationship doesn’t seem like a bad idea. The trouble? Mackenzie has sworn off men, especially those as rich and powerful as Kennedy. One thing she hasn’t counted on is Kennedy’s relentless determination and her own desires to submit to his seductive dominance.

Blurb for Claim:
This is book two in the Bonds series; see the full series listing here

It had to be her. He won’t be satisfied until he claims her.
Kennedy Aldrich has perfected the art of dodging any romantic entanglement that will lead to marriage. That is until he sees Mackenzie Farrell at a BDSM gathering.

When they meet, he’s entranced by her intelligence and submission, not to mention her stunning good looks. For the first time, he has met a woman who captivates his interest on every level, someone he wants to share his life with.

Mackenzie is overwhelmed by Kennedy’s attentions. A failed marriage taught her to distrust men, and she’s vowed never to walk down the aisle again.

It takes all her resolve to resist the devilishly handsome Dominant. After all, the whole world knows of his legendary reputation with women. Every feminine instinct warns that this man will demand more than she can offer.

But she hasn’t counted on Kennedy’s determination to claim her and prove that love is worth any risk.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play.

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Sierra Cartwright was born in Manchester, England and raised in Colorado. Moving to the United States was nothing like her young imagination had concocted. She expected to see cowboys everywhere, and a covered wagon or two would have been really nice!

Now she writes novels as untamed as the Rockies, while spending a fair amount of time in Texas…where, it turns out, the Texas Rangers law officers don't ride horses to roundup the bad guys, or have six-shooters strapped to their sexy thighs as she expected. And she's yet to see a poster that says Wanted: Dead or Alive. (Can you tell she has a vivid imagination?)

Sierra wrote her first book at age nine, a fanfic episode of Star Trek when she was fifteen, and she completed her first romance novel at nineteen. She actually kissed William Shatner (Captain Kirk) on the cheek once, and she says that's her biggest claim to fame. Her adventure through the turmoil of trust has taught her that love is the greatest gift. Like her image of the Old West, her writing is untamed, and nothing is off-limits.

She invites you to take a walk on the wild side…but only if you dare.

You can find Sierra on Facebook, follow her on twitter and check out her page on Tumblr.

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