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Mist Unveiled by Nancy Corrigan

Title: Mist Unveiled, Elemental Desire 1
Author: Nancy Corrigan
Genre: M/F Paranormal

Elemental Desire, Book 1
Cat has one love in her life—science. Facts rule her, not passion. At least it doesn’t until an unknown deadly virus claims her sister’s life. Cat’s quest for answers takes her to Greenland and drops her into the arms of the one man who sways her devotion from logic to passion. Rune stirs her lusts, ignites her desires and fuels her carnal cravings, but he isn’t simply a lover, nor is he human. He’s a weapon, one that has the potential to save or destroy her.

Rune, a child of the mist, awakens into a world hovering on the verge of destruction. Rising temperatures have released his enemies from their frozen prison without his knowledge. He searches for them but finds Cat, a human with the power to save him and the world. He hungers for her—blood, body and soul. Every moment of shared passion convinces him of the truth—she’s his greatest treasure, one he’ll die to keep.

“Who was the male you were talking to?”

“Sam. He’s—”

“Is he your lover?”

She frowned. The carefully articulated words didn’t give away the reason behind the question. Not seeing any reason to lie, she answered. “Sometimes. We’re not serious.”
He buried his face in the crook of her neck. For a long moment, he only breathed slowly. Each exhale heated her body.

“You won’t touch him again.” He pressed his lips to her ear. “I won’t share you.”

The stark possessiveness in his voice and words should’ve made her see red. It didn’t. Confusion over why he’d care after he’d walked out on her surfaced instead.

“Share me? What are you talking about?”

“Your body, Cat.” He kissed her, right below her ear. Another shiver raced down her spine. Desire fueled it. She was no longer cold. “And your heart, your life, your future. They’re mine.”

Oh. Dear. God.
Arousal flowed with his low gravely declaration. Every inch of her body tingled, desperate for his touch.

Hello? Modern woman here. The alpha male attitude should not push me into a state of instant desire. It did, though. She didn’t want to ponder what that said about her.

“Don’t I get a say in this?”

He clamped his mouth over her neck and nibbled. His teeth scraped her. A groaned sigh escaped him. He eased back so only his lips brushed her skin.

“Oh, yes. You get the final say. I will never take anything from you that you don’t willingly give.” He slid his hand over her lower belly. At her waistband, he popped the button and tugged the zipper. “And you offered to feed me.”

You can also read Chapter one on the Ellora's Cave site. Instructions for finding it: Click on the magnifying glass on the upper right of the generic picture. A box pops up. Click on the excerpt link in the bottom left. Here's the link:

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