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A Merman in Miami by Amy Armstrong

Thanks so much to Literary Nymphs for having me as a guest on your blog. I’m so happy to be here!

I’ve always loved anything to do with the supernatural and as a fan of paranormal erotic romance; I’m fascinated by the many different paranormal beings that authors chose to write about. I enjoy learning about the mythology behind these creatures and I love how each author brings something different when writing about them. A vampire can be the charming lead protagonist or the villain of the story and the heroine can be every bit as strong as the hero. Gone are the days in which a heroine is simpering and weak and needs a man to rescue her. When I began writing the first book in my Huntress Chronicles series, I wanted the story to be the opposite of that old gender stereotype. I wanted my heroine to be the saviour and to do the exact same job as the hero.

I intended the first book to be a standalone novel, but half way through writing it, I realised there was too much story for one book. I felt that the premise of vampire hunters searching for lost grimoires before they fell into the hands of demons would work well as a longer body of work. I thought about how I could expand upon my original idea and as I wanted to write about more than just vampires and shifters it occurred to me that each book could focus on a different paranormal being.

The titles of the books speak for themselves. In the first book A Demon in Dallas, Raven’s search for a demon dominates the story. In the second, A Fae in Fort Worth we visit a Fae sanctuary and in the third book A Merman in Miami I decided to explore merpeople and their wonderful underwater realm.

In A Merman in Miami, Mia has been in love with her hunting partner Drew for nearly ten years. Convinced he doesn’t love her back, she decides to leave him and to find a new partner, but before she makes the call to the hunters’ council to ask for a replacement, she’s tasked with finding one of the lost grimoires. Mia takes the job so that she can spend a few more days with Drew, but she doesn’t realise that the job which will bring her into contact with the very secretive merpeople will be her most challenging and might just cost her and Drew their lives. When they visit the merpeople’s underwater realm, Mia is pursued by the merpeople’s king and as she believes there is no hope for her and Drew, she begins to warm to the king’s advances, but as their mission progresses she realises Drew might not be as far out of her reach as she had imagined.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me and my books. I hope you’ll enjoy this short excerpt of the book.

Excerpt from A Merman in Miami:

Drew massaged his temple. “Did the mermaid just leave us alone in his house?”

“Merman,” I corrected. “I guess grief will make you do crazy things like that.”

“How are we going to get the book now?”

“It looks like we’re going to have to convince the king to give it to us,” I replied.

“But he’s in the underwater realm.”


“And how are we going to get there, Mia?” Drew groaned. “I hate water. I knew this job was going to suck the minute we met that damn angel.”

He closed his eyes and continued to massage his temple. Whatever he was thinking, it wouldn’t be good. Drew had been afraid of water long before we’d met. The fear stemmed from a near-drowning experience he’d had as a kid, and he’d never gotten over it or learned to confront his fear. He looked so lost that I couldn’t resist putting my hand on his shoulder to comfort him. I wish I could say that my reasons had been entirely selfless but that would be a lie. Touching him, even in such an impersonal way, always made my heart skip a beat and caused a thrum of electricity to snake its way down my spine.

“Hey. It’s gonna be fine,” I soothed. “We’ll get through it together, okay?”

He stared at me for a long moment and the look was so raw and so intense that I felt my pulse spike. He leaned in close, and I thought for one wild, crazy moment he was going to kiss me, but, of course, he didn’t. Instead, he squeezed my cheek as if I was a damn baby.

“You’re a good friend, Mia, you know that, right? What would I do without you?”

I should have told him right then and there that he’d have to find a way to cope without me. I should have told him I intended to leave and that he’d have to get used to a new partner. I didn’t. I wanted to say it, but I didn’t have the heart to drop a bomb of that magnitude on him when he was already feeling so vulnerable.

Blurb for A Merman in Miami:
Mia Harding has been hunting vampires since she was sixteen years old—almost as long as she’s been in love with her overzealous hunting partner Drew Caine. Unfortunately, the only thing Drew seems passionate about is his job. Tired of longing for someone she can’t have, Mia makes the heart-breaking decision to find a new partner and cut all ties to Drew. But before she can make the request to the council, Mia and Drew are sent to Miami to retrieve one of the lost grimoires. Mia is determined to make it their last mission together—but first they have to survive it.

Drawn to the dark magic of the book, vampires and warlocks begin congregating in the city adding extra pressure to an already difficult mission. When the marine biologist thought to be in possession of the book turns up dead, the trail leads to the highly secretive merpeople. Entering their underwater realm will be problematic, but getting back out will be nearly impossible, especially when the merman king decides he wants Mia as his queen. Lonely and unhappy, Mia at first warms to the advances and the magnetic allure of the king, but maybe Drew isn’t as far out of her reach as she has always believed.

Amy Armstrong is a Brit that loves chocolate, prosecco, and sunshine. She lives and breathes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but is also a fan of the classics and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on, including but not limited to contemporary romance, thrillers, horror, dark fantasy and young adult fiction.
Amy writes stories filled with heart, heat and passion. She loves to read about strong woman, but believes heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. She is happiest when writing or soaking up the sun with a pina colada in one hand and her kindle in the other. Her family and friends are an important part of her life and she loves meeting new people with similar interests. She is a full time, multi—published author and loves to hear from readers. She writes M/M romance under the pen name Lavinia Lewis.

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