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Bear Claw by Crissy Smith

Character Building in Paranormal Romance
Thank you for allowing me to post on the blog today! I am super excited to be able to share a little of my experiences and some information about my latest release Bear Claw.

When I first got the idea of the Shifter Chronicles series, I was excited to be able to write a novel length book about the different species of shifters.

After creating the setting and background for the book it was time to concentrate on the characters. I love writing books with paranormal elements.

Meet Jamie Ward the newest addition of the shifter Coalition. Jamie is a black bear shifter who is determined to do his job while protecting his friends and those who cannot protect themselves.

Jamie might look rough and tough on the outside with his biker clothes and tattoos but inside his heart is made of gold. All he wants is to find the one person that completes him. But that’s not easy. He spends all his time in his new political position and is only able to break away to visit the local library.

This brings us to our heroine of Bear Claw. Brandy Brooks is a mild mannered quiet woman who just wants to lose herself in books. When not reading or finding great stories for other people, she’s behind a computer penning her own erotic romance. Secretly she is a bestselling author who has to keep her identity hidden due to her family’s political ties.

Throwing these two together is explosive and heats up the pages. With Jamie working a missing person case and Brandy protesting the rights of shifters with her cousin these two strong people will take on the world and together they will win.

While of course Jamie and Brandy are the most important characters that were featured in Bear Claw we can’t forget about their friends and enemies.
Because we have to have our supporting cast!

With Bear Claw being the second book in the Shifter Chronicles series we actually met Jamie in book one Birds of Prey. Cody and Aubrey from book one appear in Bear Claw since they are two of Jamie’s best friends. But there is another character that appears in both books, Zak Lewis, the tiger shifter that needs his own story.

This group making up the core group of the characters will help keep the series running. However, we still need our bad guys!

The humans want to make every shifter register so they can keep track of all the paranormals. One group of shifters chooses to take matters into their own hands and fight back illegally, not caring whom they hurt.

The first faction in this group are using kids, like the missing teen Jamie is looking for, to do their dirty work. One teenager has already been put in a coma and Jamie has to race against time to save the others.

Building up these background shifters gave me an opportunity to play around with different personalities and traits. Our good guys can be bad but only to a certain point. Our bad guys can be as evil as our imaginations allow.

Put all of these groups together and we have one heck of a cast!
You can get a peek into the lives of everyone I’ve mentioned. With the release of my latest novel , Bear Claw it’s a great time to gain a few friends.

Once again thanks for letting me spend this time with you and I hope you’ll give Bear Claw a try soon!
Crissy Smith

Blurb for Bear Claw:
Beauty and grace meet muscles and tattoos. When what’s on the outside doesn’t match the inside, sometimes you just trust your instincts.

Jamie Ward is the leader of the Bear Unit for the Shifter Coalition. He uses his big, tough biker appearance to intimidate his suspects. It works for him, except in finding a mate.

A recent resident of Lake Worth, Arizona, Jamie finds himself at the local library where he meets the woman who might just be worth risking everything for, including his heart. If only he could get up the nerve to ask her out.

Brandy Brooks has a secret. She writes erotic romance mysteries under a pen name. Hiding her identity is second nature to her and she enjoys living in the shadows—until a sexy biker starts visiting her place of employment. For once in her life, she wishes to be seen. But Jamie doesn’t appear interested.

The two navigate carefully through the beginnings of a relationship that is interrupted by Jamie’s missing person cases and the threat of war between humans and shifters. They must work together to keep each another safe when their night out literally explodes around them.

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Author Bio for Crissy Smith:
Crissy Smith lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. The three dogs love to curl up under her computer desk and nap while she writes. It doesn't leave a lot of room for her but what's a woman to do?

When not writing or reading, she enjoys hunting, camping and shooting. But she has a girly side too and is addicted to pedicures and coffee.

She has been writing since she was a teenager and still loves everything to do with the paranormal. Her stories and characters all have a place in her heart. She loves the alpha male, the dominant werewolf, or the Master vampire which find their way in most of her books.

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