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Literary Nymphs Interview

Release Date: AUGUST 26, 2014

Do you write in more than one genre?
Funny you should ask.  LUCKY CATCH, the upcoming release, is the fifth in the Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure Series.  This series is a first-person romantic mystery series with a bit of wry snark and sarcasm, tempered with a lot of heart.  And, while I love this series and am still having fun writing it, after five novels and four novellas, I felt I’d like to stretch a few more writing muscles.  So, I have embarked on a new series, this time women’s fiction with a strong romance and told in the third person from the point of view of both the female and male protagonists.  It’s been great fun!  Set in Napa with wine at its core, the first book in the series is titled CRUSHED.  Look for it soon.

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?
Writing is both a blessing and a curse.  There are two difficult parts for me:  The beginning is one.  The words come slowly and there are so many choices to be made.  Once the story is up and running and the choices narrowed to the point the story stretches in front of me like a long, lonesome highway, the second difficult part comes.  At this juncture, the words, the characters…the story…won’t leave me alone.  Often it gets me out of bed, out of he shower to jot a note, up from dinner with friends to madly tap a ‘note to self’ into my phone.  Fully formed characters can be bigger pests than a well-meaning mother.

What inspired the story?
Two things actually inspired the story.  First, if you’ve been to Vegas then you know that growing anything there is about as difficult as farming the surface of the moon, yet gourmet restaurants have sprouted like weeds on every corner, in every hotel lobby.  I became interested in how all those fancy foodstuffs made their trek from farm to table.  So, I started looking into it and became totally intrigued.  Then I was at dinner with some friends, one of whom is a chef, and I was making him miserable asking questions.  One of the questions involved some mozzarella we were eating.  It had a wonderful smoky flavor and I wondered aloud how that was possible.  My friend the chef announced, “Why with a smoking gun, of course.”  And I was off.  I mean, really, who could resist killing someone with a smoking gun?

Trouble always comes in threes.  At least that’s what Lucky O’Toole, the VP of Customer Relations for Las Vegas’ primo Strip casino/hotel, the Babylon, has heard for years from her mother.  So, tonight when Teddie, her former lover shows up at her office unannounced and very unexpected, her father offers Teddie a job at the Babylon, she is called to deal with a pig in residence at one of the hotels most exclusive and opulent suites, and Lucky’s current lover, Jean-Charles Bouclet stops answering his phone leaving Lucky to handle his five-year-old son, Lucky figures she has tonight’s compliment of chaos covered.
As usual, she is a tad optimistic.
With a cadre of celebrity chefs with the maturity of teenagers in Vegas for a televised cook-off, a prized Alba truffle in the Babylon’s care, and her mother’s pregnancy racing toward the inevitable, what could go wrong?
When the truffle is stolen from the walk-in in Jean-Charles’ gourmet burger joint at the Babylon and a young chef apparently killed with a smoking gun is found in Jean-Charles’ food truck on the back lot, trouble takes a sinister turn. 
And Jean-Charles still isn’t answering his phone.
Another body is discovered.  This one stuffed in an oven at Jean-Charles’ eponymous restaurant and set to broil. 
Desperate to put a lid on the body count and more than frantic over her AWOL lover, Lucky uses her Vegas contacts to search in places and in ways the police wouldn’t or couldn’t.  Teddie insists on riding shotgun.  Lucky hasn’t the time nor the resolve to say no.  She’s never been able to resist Teddie … not really.  With danger dogging their heels, Lucky finds herself falling once again under his spell as they traverse Vegas, being drawn deeper and deeper into the highly competitive world of high-end eateries and the battle for the very rare, most highly prized gourmet foodstuffs.
Would somebody really kill for a truffle?
In a heartbeat.
And when Lucky’s path crosses the killer’s… will her goose be cooked? 

What are some of your other favorite activities?
Other activities?
When I had a life and was unchained from the computer, I used to enjoy flying airplanes, driving fast cars, reading, travelling, finding hidden restaurant gems, imbibing fine wine and hanging with my son and daughter in law and my guy.  The last two things I still find time to do occasionally…..

Author Bio:
I am proof positive that sex sells…and persistence pays off. After fifteen years learning the craft of writing, I am now officially, an overnight success. And it’s been a long road to get here…
My mother tells me I was born in Texas a very long time ago, but I’m not so sure—my mother can’t be trusted. These things I do know: I was raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer. I’ve lived in every time zone in the U.S.; the most memorable stint being the time spent in Las Vegas, where I currently reside and where family and friends tell me I can't get into too much trouble...silly people.
The only constant in my life (besides my family, who deserves hazardous duty pay for sticking with me) has been change (my mother is still waiting for me to grow up). Silly woman.
But all of this career ADD made me incredibly unemployable. Hence the whole writing thing.
Actually, I’ve known from a young age that somehow stories would be a large part of my life, but my path to telling lies for a living (okay, not lies per se, but variations of the truth, for sure) has been circuitous. If someone had just told me when I was a kid that I could actually be paid to daydream for a living, life would have been soooo much easier. But they didn’t. And I never saw a ‘daydreaming’ booth at all those Career Days I attended.
So, initially discouraged when unable to locate anyone willing to pay me to read books, go to the movies, or attend the theatre, and in need of providing for the best child in the world, my son Tyler, I spent years being someone else—an accountant (blech), a business owner (pretty fun), a lawyer (loved law school, hated practicing law), a pilot (giddy and terrifying at the same time). But through it all, I wrote. Along the way I wrote the world’s worst novel, a slightly more well-crafted but equally as poorly plotted novel, several non-fiction feature articles (my first sales!), multiple humor columns for a national magazine (more sales!), and, finally, the novel that sold, Wanna Get Lucky?, the first in a series to be published by Forge Books. The series is a Sex and the City meets Elmore Leonard in Vegas kind of thing, if you can imagine that. Okay, have several glasses of wine, then think about it…makes imagining easier. Anyway, the books are sexy, wry, romantic, and slightly naughty mixed with a little murder and mayhem—shaken, not stirred—then illuminated by the bright lights of Las Vegas—one of the truly magical cities in the world.
Many of my friends have asked me how in the world I came up with the Lucky series. The way they asked led me to believe they thought mind-altering substances might have been involved even though they knew the worst I do is a glass of fine Pinot-Noir. The answer to their question is actually very simple: let your fifteen-year-old male child pick where you live, follow his dream to Vegas, then keep your eyes open.
Hey, it worked for me!

Where can we find your website?

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for a chance to win a copy of 
 Lucky Catch

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Summer Lover by B.G. Thomas

Title:   Summer Lover
Author: B.G. Thomas
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 25th, 2014

  Do you write in more than one genre?

Well, all my stories fit under the genre of MM Romance—at least right now. But if you’re asking are they all—for instance—contemporaries, then my answer would be “no.”

I try and run the gamut of story types. Usually they take place in the “real world” of today, more often than not in Kansas City. What that means is my stories cross over with each other. The guy who owns the coffee shop in “Hound Dog & Bean” can show up when I’m telling you about a first date between to guys who decide to have coffee. I have a ball with it and readers tell me they love it.

But I am crazy about pretty much all genres. Rest assured I will one day finally write my period cowboy story. I will write my science fiction story with the shape changers.

And hey! My first story was about a romance between a modern day man and one who lived three thousand years ago. There is a mummy and a warlock and all kinds of stuff!

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?

Sitting down and doing the actual writing!  LOL! I saw something online that made me laugh! It said, “I meant to get some housework done today and then someone responded to my Facebook post!”  That is what happens to me. I sit down to write and then I check my email and suddenly see an interesting article and then five hours have passed and I didn’t do a darned thing. So I try my best to not even open the Internet except for research and save email for once or twice a day.

But when I’m writing? The hardest part is remembering to stop and eat or sleep. I have passed out over my keyboard and woken up to find out I have twenty pages of “kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” where my nose landed on the letter “K.”

What inspired your new novel?
Well, it was a series of things actually that added up in my mind.

First, I knew that a lot of readers like a series. On the other hand, a lot don’t. So how to please both of them?

Second, I am fascinated with the passing of the seasons. I didn’t used to be. I hated winter with a terrible loathing and loved summer with passion. Winter seemed to take forever to pass and my precious summer flew by in what felt like a couple of weekends. Especially once I started spending most of my time writing when I am not at my Evil Day Job. I rarely got to do all the Summery things I loved to do. Didn’t have time.

But a friend helped me one year to pay strict attention to the passing of the year. I began to see that it really was carefully divided into eight six-week periods (about). I became more and more aware of the beauty of the balance of Mother Nature’s seasons. For the first time I developed a love of that Turning of the Wheel of the Year. I noticed that, “Hey, winter’s not so bad after all.” Not even this past one, which was pretty rough, at least here in the Midwest.

And third, each year I go to a men’s festival out in the woods in the middle of nowhere with about 125-150 gay men. It is very similar to an event that was created by the famous gay activist Harry Hay. He founded what he called the Radical Faerie Movement and it was all about remembering the roots, from the beginning of recorded history and before, of being a gay man.

Ever seen “Torch Song Trilogy?” In it Harvey Fierstein’s drag queen character says, “I'm Among The Last Of A Dying Breed….once the E.R.A. And gay civil rights bills have been passed, me and mine will be swept under the carpets like the blacks done to Amos, Andy, and Aunt Jemima.”

Harry Hay was worried to death that gay people were becoming homogenized into the greater culture as they became more and more accepted. He was afraid we would forget our campy, silly, leather, queenie beginnings. Harry wanted us to embrace our past. To remember! Remember who we were and who we are. From the men who dressed as women to be priestesses in ancient times to the Native American berdashe (two-spirits) to the drag queens before (and after!) the Stonewall Riots.

All these ideas came together…each suggesting a good story, but not necessarily enough on their own to do so. But once I pulled them under one umbrella I knew just what I wanted to do.

Four characters, best friends, popped out of my imagination. I saw that what I was creating would be four books, with each being about one of the four friends and each of them telling their story within a season. Each book would totally stand on its own. No reader would have to read all four books. But the four books would show the passing of a year in their lives and if a reader wanted to follow the whole series, they would get a richer experience and see all four characters continue to grow once their personal story had been told.

And it would finally allow me to write a version of the gay men’s festival I attend each year.

I have never enjoyed writing anything as much, and if readers like them even half as much as I did writing them, they are in for a heck of a treat!

Seasons of Love: Book Two
Scott Aberdeen doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or God. Or love—at least, he knows no one will ever love him. After all, he has carried a torch for his best friend Sloan for a decade, hoping his feelings will be returned one day. But when Sloan finds springtime love with another man, Scott’s fantasies are crushed and his skepticism confirmed.

Cedar Carrington, raised by rock star parents, leads a free-spirited, nomadic life, never staying in one place for long. Due to a dark past he refuses to share or even think about, he is willing to let men into his bed for sex, but never for the night.

When Scott finds himself camping in the middle of nowhere with over a hundred men who all believe in love—and faeries and a magickal gay brotherhood—he's pretty sure he’s in the wrong place. And when Cedar connects with cynical, critical Scott, he wonders how he could be falling in for this man of all men. But hearts and lives have been transformed at the Heartland Men’s Festival before, and it might be just the place where two very different men can release their pain and find true love at last.


Scott was on the phone doing some research for one of the lawyers when Mr. Cooper—another of the lawyers—stepped into his tiny office. He didn’t leave. In fact, he shut the door and stood there. For some reason it made Scott nervous. What could this be about? Luckily, he was just finishing his call, and it was with great trepidation that he hung up the phone.
“Mr. Cooper?” he asked. “Can I help you?”
“Mind if I sit down?”
Scott shook his head. “Of course not. Please.”
Mr. Cooper, a handsome man, began a few moments of inane chatter. Asking where Scott had gone to lunch, how his Fourth of July was, and finally segueing into his trip to Scott’s recent trip to Los Angeles. Scott answered the questions, baffled that one of his bosses was asking him such questions. Not that the man was indifferent or anything like that, but it wasn’t often he seemed to want to just chat. Cooper was an up-and-comer with Baily, Cranston and Watch and didn’t have time to blab.
And just how did Scott answer the last question?
“It was a disaster,” he blurted before he even knew he was going to admit anything like the truth.
“Oh?” Cooper said. He leaned forward and rested his chin on an upturned palm.
He wanted more? What was he going to say? He flew off to meet a man he hardly knew?
Mr. Cooper nodded. “Is that’s what’s been bothering you lately, Scott? Had the two of you been seeing each other for a while?”
Scott laughed. “For a while? No. Not hardly. We met online, and I flew out to meet him a few weeks later, like a putz.”
“Oh.” Mr. Cooper sat back. He gave Scott a long look.
Scott swallowed hard. “Is there something wrong, Mr. Cooper?”
“Wil,” Mr. Cooper said.
“Will what?”
“Call me Wil, Scott.”
Scott resisted the temptation to call him “Wil-Scott.” Then thought better of it. What the hell? “Okay, Wil-Scott.”
“Wil” laughed. But then his face grew more serious. “Scott. I wanted to talk to you.”
Scott swallowed again. “About what?”
“Scott, there’s been a difference in you lately. I’ve been watching it go on for a while now. And I’ve watched it grow worse. You used to be so… up. Then bit by bit… you’ve changed. Your work has started to suffer.”
Scott’s stomach dropped. “My work?”
“You’re making mistakes.”
His stomach fell onto the ground between his feet. “Mistakes?”
“And you don’t make mistakes. You made a big one on one of Watch’s cases. Luckily, he won it anyway. He was pretty pissed, I have to tell you.”
It felt like Scott’s heart had stopped. Oh, shit. Not good. Not good at all. “Am… am I fired?”
Wil shook his head. “No. Although I had to calm him down.”
Scott shook his head, looked at Wil in confusion. In grateful confusion. “Y-you calmed him down?” He suddenly felt like puking.
“I pointed out how good you were at your job—a regular detective. That this is the first time you’ve made a mistake like—”
“Why, Mr. Cooper? Wil?”
“For lots of reasons, Scott. I like you. And if you really want to know the truth, it’s because we’re the only two gay men in this office, and we need to stick together. Things are a lot better for us these days, but it’s still tough. And you’ve worked here so long. All people would do is ask why you don’t work here anymore. I don’t want that to happen to you.”
Scott suddenly felt like crying.
“But you have to do something,” Wil said.
Here goes. What was it? “What?” he asked.
“You’re going to take a vacation.” The tone in Wil’s voice made it clear it was an order. “At least a week. Somewhere fun. Get away. Meet some men. Or fuck, I don’t care. Go on a Buddhist retreat. Contemplate your belly button.”
“W-what?” Scott was stunned. “You want me to—”
“I want you to get out of here. I want you to relax. I want you to do whatever you need to do so that you can start applying yourself again. It’s important. It’ll save your job. And it will save you.”
“I…. I….”
“Do you hear me, Scott? Vacation. Make it two weeks. Not one fucking day less. As soon as possible….”
“B-but I had plans later on this year. I need my vacation for then—”
“We’ll figure that out then. Now I need you to get out of here. As soon as possible. Starting tomorrow if you—”
“Tomorrow? But I have several things here that—”
“We’ll get someone else to finish—”
“Excuse me, sir. No. I have to finish these. It’s important. One of them concerns a gay man.”
“The Hartford case?”
“Yes.” The man’s lover had died and they weren’t married, and his lover’s family is trying to take everything. They wouldn’t even let him come to the funeral and—
Wil Cooper sighed, narrowed his eyes, and then nodded. “Next week?”
And suddenly Scott saw his friend Peni’s face in mind. The disappointment on that face when  Scott had told the lovely man he didn’t have any vacation time. Well, what do you know…?
Scott laughed. “Would the week after that be okay?”
Wil’s eyes narrowed even more. “Do you have something in mind?”
Scott sighed. “I think so.”
“Something fun?”
No. Not really. But how would Peni feel if he took a vacation and did something beside the campout? And what was he going to do instead? Go to Los Angles again? Right! “I don’t know,” he finally said. “But it’s in the middle of nowhere. I’ll be able to look at my belly button.”
Wil smiled, and it was a nice smile. He really was a handsome guy. And it turned out he was even nicer than Scott had imagined. Wil Cooper had saved his job.
“Good.” He stood up and walked the few steps to the door. He turned back. “Make your reservations today.”
Jeeze. “Okay,” he said. “Today.”
After Wil Cooper left Scott’s office, he found he could only sit there for ten minutes. This was crazy.
You don’t have to go to camp.
He thought of Peni’s face again.
No. Aren’t you done trying to please other men? Go someplace fun! San Francisco. Atlanta. Provincetown. Key-fucking-West.
Then he heard Peni’s words. He couldn’t help it.
“I just thought it might be a way for us to get to know each other better, you know?”  
With a shake of his head, Scott pulled out his cell phone. A few seconds later: “Hey, Peni. Guess what? I talked to my boss. He’s given me the time off—”
Peni squealed so loud Scott had to pull his phone away from his ear.

 Author Bio
Greetings! I’m BG Thomas and I live in Kansas City with my husband of over a decade and our fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane. I see my wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn’t there!
I have a romantic soul and I am extraordinarily lucky to have many friends.
I love romance, science fiction & fantasy, horror and more, and I’ve gone to litertue and media conventions my entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of my favorite writers. I’m a “Star Trek” and Joss Whedon fan from way back!
I have written all my life, it is where I find my joy. In the 90’s, I wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted me to cut out story and romance, and write only sex.
Then through a few friends, I discovered the growing market of M/M Romance and was thrilled beyond words. FINALLY, a way to write the stories I always wanted to write. Adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, and more, but with gay characters. And I wouldn’t have to fade to black! People wanted to read the erotic as well. Plot and sex! HURRAY!
I very much believe in “The Law of Attraction” and that “thoughts become things.”
A lot of things all started happening at once for me! I heard the words, “Leap, and the net will appear,” and something re-kindled inside. I sent out a story and was thrilled when it was almost immediately accepted.
I believe that we are divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone.
“It is never too late! Pursue your dreams! They will come true!”
find true love at last.
 Where can we find your website?

I would like to leave you all with something of a personal note.
Four years ago I had not sold a single story. I had listened to people all my life say to me, “You can’t do that! Do you know how tough the market is? It’s very hard to be a writer. Just to break in is almost impossible! JK Rowling? Do you know how lucky she was even to have her story read in the first place? You need to get a reliable job. One with benefits. Writing is a silly dream.”
Well F#@& that! Every one of us has a dream or dreams. And what I have discovered is that those dreams are our compass pointing to what it is that we should be doing.
Don’t listen to people tell you that you can’t! You can do anything! What your mind can conceive, you can achieve.
Pursue your dreams!
Leap! The net will appear! 

  B.G. will be giving away 5 copies of Book One in the series Spring Affair at the end of the tour.

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Cursed by Angela Addams

Her biggest mistake comes with fangs…and a nose for tracking her down.


The Order of the Wolf, Book 1

Wherever there’s a lying, cheating scumbag who’s broken a woman’s heart, Vengeance Dealer Darcy Wells is there. So what if she isn’t the most skilled witch around? She’s only using one spell, which leaves the hapless male suffering tormenting lust for one woman. Her.
The beautiful part? This curse comes equipped with a blinding agent, allowing her a clean getaway. Unrequited lust, coming right up! As far as Darcy is concerned, it’s justice served. Her next target: Raven Glock, rock band bassist and drop-dead-gorgeous sex god.

When Raven lays eyes on the luscious Darcy, he gives her what he promises all the starry-eyed groupies who toss their panties at him—one unforgettable night in his bed. Sex with Darcy is so epic that he forgets his cardinal rule: to get her out before morning.
At the crack of sunrise, Darcy serves Raven a face full of cursed ash. But something goes horribly wrong…and she finds herself magically tethered to one pissed-off werewolf.
Worse, breaking the spell could cost her everything…maybe even her life.

Warning: Sexually explicit language, tattoos, piercings, and giant…um…feet. Wet panties are a given. Author assumes no responsibility for spontaneous ravishment of significant others, pool boys, or local pizza delivery personnel.

Cursed Excerpt
The party, it seemed, was in Mayhem’s suite. Penthouse accommodations for the alpha and his bevy of fangirls. Something Raven could definitely appreciate. He liked variety. And being the bassist of one of the hottest rock bands in the country ensured he had a lot of variety when it came to women. A different girl every night. Epic sex marathons. Perfect.
“Hey, there’s Raven!” Dave, the band’s manager, gave him a hardy slap on the back and shoved a beer in his face at the same time.

“Thanks, man.” Raven gripped the frosty bottle and took a swig.
“Got a lot of great potential tonight, friend. Hot chicks in abundance. Tons to choose from.”
And choose he could. That was one reality about being a rock-star—the women were plentiful.

Was it meaningless sex? Hell yes, and that was just the way Raven liked it. He made no secret about his intentions—any women he took to bed knew perfectly well what it meant. Some fun with no strings attached. Besides, they had to be out of his bed and out of his sight by daybreak. That was when his wolf came out to play—a fact he wasn’t inclined to share with his latest fling.

Raven scanned the crowd, noting the usual groupies, many of whom he’d had special relations with. That was another one of his rules: no repeats…it only complicated things. One-night stands were the only way to go, so the object of his attention didn’t get the wrong idea. Not that he was a jerk or anything, but sometimes the fans came with a few misplaced notions of what a rock-star was looking for. True love? Yeah, so not interested in that bullcrap.

He took another swig of his beer, ready to meander through the rest of the suite when his gaze landed on her. Her. Raven was never one for preferences—hair, eye color, whatever, he didn’t discriminate, but she came with dark chocolate hair, a pixie cut, sweeping across her face, almost covering one eye as it came to a point at her chin. A hipster, maybe, but with her mocha eyes and full tantalizing lips he didn’t really give a damn, and neither did his groin. She was watching him right back, an expression of challenge on her face. He swept his gaze down, over her delicious curves, and got hard. Instantly. Yep. She was the one.
He nudged Dave. “Hey, you seen that girl before?”

Before Dave could utter a peep, she was striding toward them, her stare unwavering, locked on him as she swayed her hips. If possible, he got harder and she was only walking. He couldn’t help but wonder what else her body could do to him.

“You’re Raven right? The bassist?” Her voice was raspy in a sexy way, made him want to hear her moan his name.
“Yeah, that’s me.” He gave one of his signature smiles, the kind he knew made the fans melt. “And you are?”
“Darcy, sugar.” She returned his smile with a breathtaking one of her own, her little pink tongue darting out to run along her top lip. “I’ve been looking for you.”


“There is nothing more exciting than orange and black.” The Halloween decorations never come down at author Angela Addams house, even her tattoos have a distinctive theme where Jack-o-lanterns rule. It’s no surprise that she writes paranormal romance, because what’s a world without a little magic, mayhem, lusty werewolves and dangerous vampires?
She is an avid tattoo collector, a total book hoarder and loves anything covered in chocolate…except for bugs.
She lives in Ontario, Canada in an old, creaky house, with her husband and children. 

Twitter: @angelaaddams

Angela Addams Cursed Blog Tour Giveaway:

Prizes at the end of the tour:
Grand Prize - ebook copy of Cursed, signed bookmark, wolf necklace (picture included)
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Hunter Betrayed by Nancy Corrigan

Hunter Betrayed
Nancy Corrigan
Ellora's Cave Publishing

Wild Hunt, Book 1
Tainted from birth, Harley lives a life cloaked in darkness and temptation. She resists the lure of her evil legacy by holding the memory of her ghostly savior close. Every night without him is agony. She fantasizes about him and yearns for his body, but he’s not the protector or lover she’s envisioned. He’s a Hunter bred to eliminate her kind. He’s also her only hope of salvation.
Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court. For a millennium, he’s sacrificed to ensure the horrid creatures remain in the Underworld, but his strength wanes. He must rely on his enemy’s daughter to save him, but he doesn’t expect the intensity of their lust or love. Her touch calms his wild nature and ignites his carnal desires. He’ll risk all to save her, but doing so forces him to make the ultimate sacrifice, one that’ll damn him to suffer forever in his own living hell.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


“Wh-who are y-you? What…” She focused on where his chest should be. He glanced down and saw the ground, not his body or even a ghostly apparition. “What are you? A g-ghost?”
“Not a ghost. I’m alive. I’m just not here.”
He stretched an invisible hand out… and touched her cheek. The surprise in connecting with her in a tangible manner nearly pulled him away from her. With mental fingers, he tugged her closer. He wouldn’t lose her.
Not now, not ever.
He slid a hand to her bottom and pressed her body flush to his. The cushion of her breasts stirred his lusts. His erection thickened in response to her nearness. Impossible, so he would’ve thought.
The half-breed fairy in his arms would one day become his enemy. A child of Dahm, she carried the chaotic taint he’d willingly invited into his body. It should’ve begun to corrupt her, turning her into a monster too. Yet…it hadn’t. Why?
Calan tipped her head back. Her dark blue eyes captivated him. Fear shown in them. After a moment, a desire to match his flared. He skimmed his fingertips over the contours of her angelic face. Possessiveness rose within him and mixed with an intense need to protect her. She was special. He sensed it, but didn’t have time to explore it.
“You need to run. You cannot allow them to steal the goodness you’ve managed to retain.” Because it belonged to him. So too did the female. He would claim both and she would be the one to free him.

Pre-Order Links (Releases SEPTEMBER 3, 2014)

Add to your Goodreads TBR list! Hunter Betrayed

 Author Bio
Nancy Corrigan believes in unending love and epic tales with a paranormal flare. She enjoys transcending the boundaries of reality to take her readers on an erotic, emotional and romantic journey.
She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children. When she’s not weaving sizzling fantasies, she works as a chemist in a pharmaceutical lab.

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