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When Love Gets Hairy by Jacob Z. Flores

Dreamspinner Press
When Love Gets Hairy
Jacob Z. Flores

Provincetown: Book Three 

Why When Love Gets Hairy?

Hello, everybody! It’s me, Jacob Z. Flores, and I’m pleased as punch to be back here at Literary Nymphs. The nymphs here have always been great to me, and I truly do appreciate that. It’s one of the reasons I jump at the chance to come back whenever the invitation is extended.

So just why have I been invited back? Well, I’m glad you asked! I’m here today promoting my latest Dreamspinner release, When Love Gets Hairy. This is the third book of my Provincetown Series, but don’t worry: the books don’t have to be read in order. Believe me. I know how much of a turn off it can be to stumble across a new series only to find that you are three books behind. That’s why I wrote each book as a stand-alone. Readers can start with this book if they choose and then read the other books in whatever order they would like.

But enough about the series. Let’s talk specifically about When Love Gets Hairy and why I chose this title.

One of the obvious reasons for the title was that the story takes place during Bear Week in Provincetown. What can be hairier than a small New England town suddenly filled to capacity with hot, hairy man flesh? Not much in my book.

There is definitely a bevy of bears of all shapes and varieties in this book—from Jay the big guy with the heart of gold to Teddy, the pocket bear, who turns the life of Nino, the main character, upside down. The bears are everywhere, and the characters can’t walk two feet down Commercial Street without running into a wall of fur.

But the title references more than just the fuzzy loving that takes place during Bear Week on the tip of the Cape. Besides meaning bushy and unshaven, hairy also means difficult and tricky, and that’s the true reason why I chose the title.

Don’t worry: this book is angst-filled. Provincetown isn’t a place for anguish. It’s a place to have fun and be merry. To let your hair down and dive head first into the pleasures that abound. And those pleasures are everywhere!

No one knows that better than Nino Santos. He lives for the partying and tricking Provincetown provides. That’s why he moved here a few years ago. As a tourist town, new men arrive in P-town every week, and Nino enjoys bedding as many of them as possible. When he’s done with them, he sends them on their merry way, never to be seen again.

That’s Nino’s modus operandi. He doesn’t invest in romantic relationships, or any relationships really. In fact, he lives by six simple rules designed to keep his life as simple and happy as possible. They are:

1.  Don’t fall in love
2  .Don’t bottom
3  .Don’t let tricks spend the night
4  .Don’t exchange phone numbers; “it complicates things”
5  .Don’t repeat a fuck
6  .Don’t give a fuck

These rules have served Nino quite well for most of his adulthood, but when he meets Teddy, that’s when things get hairy. Yes, Teddy is a bear, and that’s part of the hairy reference. But Teddy challenges each and every one of the Six Rules of Nino’s Life.

That’s what makes life so hairy for Nino. He is being forced outside his comfort zone, and he feels emotions he has never felt in his life. For Nino, that’s extremely difficult. He’s unaccustomed with dealing with real emotion, and navigating that ocean proves to be the trickiest feat he’s ever taken on in his life.

Before I go, I want to thank everyone here at Literary Nymphs. I appreciate your continued love and hospitality. I also want to thank those of you who took the time to read this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with all of you.

For those interested, I have included a blurb and excerpt below. Additionally, as part of my blog tour I’m hosting a giveaway.

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As vain as he is beautiful, Nino Santos happily lives life waiting for the next ferry full of fairies to bring him new conquests. As long as they aren’t hirsute, he’s all in. So he's shocked to wake up after a beach party he cannot remember with a hairy naked man lying next to him.

Teddy Miller doesn’t remember the “Bear Week” party either, much less the Abercrombie & Fitch model wannabe next to him. Teddy doesn’t give two cents about appearances, but guys like Abercrombie don’t return the favor. That’s why he prefers men with extra fur and padding over carbon copy clones of perfection—a type of man Teddy is far too familiar with.

When Nino and Teddy glimpse each other the next morning, it’s loathing at first sight. Instead of exchanging phone numbers, they exchange insults and vow never to see each other again. In Provincetown, however, escaping a trick best forgotten isn’t easy. Mutual friends and chance circumstances keep Nino and Teddy in each other’s orbit. But are they fighting each other or the attraction growing between them? The answer lies amid Provincetown’s windswept dunes and the night neither of them can recall.


When Teddy suggested they grab something to eat, Nino surprised himself by agreeing. The yes had come out of his mouth before he had time to think. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to eat. He was hungry. He hadn’t had anything in his stomach since lunch with Jay at Bubala’s.
What was the problem, then?
The furry little bastard wasn’t as much of an asshole as he’d once thought. Teddy had even apologized. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, the apology meant a lot to him. People who’d been cruel to him in the past had never been sorry. Especially not his sisters.
So it wasn’t that he hated Teddy. At least not anymore.
He just didn’t like that he continued to do things he’d never done before. Eating dinner with a guy he’d just spent a couple of hours getting to know was entirely unlike him. It also seemed to break his sixth rule—don’t give a fuck.
If he truly didn’t give a fuck, he wouldn’t have shared his past or agreed to share a meal. He wouldn’t have divulged his problems with his modeling career or taken Teddy’s advice. All of that showed he apparently gave a fuck. That was very unnerving.
How was he supposed to protect himself if he actually cared?
“Oooh, let’s have Spiritus,” Teddy said from his right. “I’m craving some pizza.”
What had he been thinking? Of course, dinner with a bear meant eating carbs. He did not consume such useless calories. “Try again,” Nino said. “How about Jimmy’s HideAway? I can get a salad there.”
“A salad?” Teddy scrunched up his face and stuck out his tongue. Apparently, consuming healthy food was both distasteful and unusual. What else could he expect from a bear?
“Yes, a salad,” he replied. “It’s healthy, and this late at night, it’s not as bad for your digestive system.”
Teddy gave him a raspberry. “Who cares about that? Haven’t you ever just been bad once?” Before he could reply, Teddy cut him off. “And I’m not talking about your sexual escapades, so don’t even start. I’m talking about throwing caution to the wind, and instead of eating right and counting calories, just eat something because it’s really, really, bad for you.”
“I wouldn’t look the way I do if I did that,” he announced. Teddy peered at him out of the corners of his eyes. He obviously was trying to determine if he was joking or not, so he added an eyebrow wiggle for Teddy’s benefit. He didn’t want Teddy to take his comment the wrong way. Oh God, now that sounded like he gave a fuck. Well, shit!
“Well, for that, Curly, I’m gonna buy you a slice of pizza, and you’re going to eat it.”
“No, I’m not,” he said with a shake of his head. “And don’t call me Curly.”
“Oh, yes you are,” Teddy sang as he grabbed Nino’s hand and tugged him toward Spiritus, which apparently had been mobbed by bears. The big guys were everywhere. Some sat on the curb out front with pizza dripping grease onto their paper plates. Others didn’t even bother with the plates. They folded the pizza long-ways and chomped down half the slice in one bite. He could hear their arteries clogging from here.
“You wait here,” Teddy said as he stood Nino by the tree to the left of the building. “I’m going to wade through the crowd and get us a couple of slices.”
“I’ll wait here,” he agreed. “But I won’t eat the pizza.”
“You’ll eat what I give you,” Teddy said, his words made even more suggestive by the sudden twinkle in his eyes. “And you’ll like it.”
The bears in their immediate vicinity echoed their appreciation of Teddy’s comment by growling. Ordinarily, their bearspeak irritated him. Tonight, though, he just laughed and shrugged at them.
“All right, boys,” Teddy told the bears sitting on the bench by the tree. “Watch Curly here. Make sure he doesn’t get away, because this bitch needs to eat.”
“We’ll watch him for you, daddy,” one of the younger bears replied. “You go get your pup some chow.”
His pup? When did he become Teddy’s pup? He opened his mouth to correct the man, but when Teddy nodded and told them thank you, he couldn’t speak. Did Teddy not hear what the man said? If he did, did he not care that these guys obviously thought they were together?
He couldn’t ask any of those questions, though, because by the time his ability to speak had returned, Teddy had disappeared into Spiritus.
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