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Whitney - Alpha Marked by Celia Kyle

Literary Nymphs Interview
Title: Alpha Marked #3: Whitney
Author: Celia Kyle
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing
Genre: BBW Paranormal/Shapeshifter Ménage Erotic Romance
Release Date: 10/28/13


Do you write in more than one genre?

 I tend to stick curvy ladies and shapeshifters though I do occasionally delve into manlove. 

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?

Picking one idea at a time and *sticking* to it.  I tend to get distracted by all of the shiny possibilities which can sometimes lead to stories going unfinished.  I really have to pick an idea and keep telling myself “no” when it comes to others. 

What inspired the story?

A chat with my friends Mina Carter and Lizzie Lynn Lee.  I tend to bounce ideas off of them.  Alpha Marked started with simply wanting a curvy gal find love with two hunks.  Ten emails later and I ended up with Alpha Marked ready to go.  Of course, if you ask them, “bouncing ideas off of them” tends to include me randomly typing stuff and them laughing at my antics.

Whitney wanted that happy ending, damn it, but she couldn’t have it until the Wardens figured out where their mojo went wrong. Hell, for all she knew there were wires crossed inside her and that’s why she’d been summoned. That was probably the reason she hadn’t ever been happy with any of her exes. It was like bits and pieces of her were Marked while the rest wasn’t. The “want to” was there but the “screw you, it’ll never happen” was a little too strong. Could that be her problem?

She didn’t know the answer to that question because the freaking Ruling Wardens were dealing with legitimate concerns.

“Look, furball. I’m the Ruling Alpha Mate’s sister and—”

“You aren’t a wolf nor a Marked. The Ruling Wardens are resolving wolf matters.” The organizer growled, his eyes flashing yellow and he curled his lip.

Oh heck no, she wasn’t about to be intimidated. Gripping the pen even tighter, she raised her hand, ready to stab the wolf. She been hauled half-way around the world and had spent the last two days simply waiting for the Wardens to arrive. They’d dragged their asses and now she didn’t have a legitimate concern. She’d show him legitimate.

Whitney growled, ready to poke tiny holes into the man, only to have her fun snatched from her. Literally.

“No stabbing ma peeps, Whit. If I hafta be nice to ’em, so do you.” Her sister Scarlet plucked the pen from her hand and then gave the organizer her attention, popping him on the nose with it as if he were a wayward puppy. “Callum, she pulled the ‘Kickass Sister Card.’ Learn it, live it, love it and call it yours because God and everyone takes it. The KSC isn’t like Diner’s Club, bucko. Think of it as an American Express Centurion card.”

The wolf narrowed his eyes, but what could he say? Two days ago, Scarlet mated the Ruling Alpha Pair of North America. Basically, she was now the Queen Beyotch. And having way too much fun with her new position.

The organizer closed his eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly. His fur receded and disappeared into his skin. That done, he returned his attention to Scarlet.

“Apologies, Alpha Mate.” The words were shoved through gritted teeth, and sounded less than sincere, but her sister didn’t seem to care.

Nope, it looked like Scarlet just wanted to poke the werewolf a little more. She patted him on the head. “It’s okay, little puppy.” Not waiting for a response from the wolf, Scarlet turned to Whitney and looped their arms together. “Come on, you can tell me why you’re all homicidal and suicidal. ’Cause even if you try to kill Callum, he’ll end up eating you in a bad way. Then Madden would have to kill him, and it’d all be a big mess. I don’t do cleaning.”

Whit dug in her heels and shot a glare over her shoulder at the still fuming Callum. “Someone, informed me the Ruling Wardens are discussing legitimate wolf concerns this morning. Can you believe that? Legitimate!”

Scarlet patted her hand, much like she’d done to Callum’s head moments before. “It’s okay. They’ll learn that you’re the most legitimate concern they’ve ever met. I’ll have one of the guys bite ’em.”

Her sister glanced around the hallway, and Whitney echoed the move. They were surrounded by werewolves. Some were singles—wolves hoping to meet their werewolf mate at the Gathering.

That was another thing that sucked. Alpha Pairs only got to mate with Marked women while individual wolves only mated with other wolves.

Single, unmarked humans got zip.

With a resigned sigh, Scarlet tugged her farther along the hall. “Come on, there’s too many super-powered ears here. Let’s go somewhere else and rehash the whole you oveinglay the ardensway thingie.”

Several snorts echoed around them, and heat suffused Whitney’s face. “Seriously? Did you think no one would know pig Latin? Really?”



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