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Maple Lane Manor by Cree Walker

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title: Maple Lane Manor,
 Home for Retired Supernaturals
Author: Cree Walker
Publisher: Naughty Nights Press
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Comedy
Release Date: July 26 2013


Do you write in more than one genre?

 Yes, under a different pen name. 


What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?

 Honestly it seems to be about 20 to 30,000 words in. I have no trouble coming up with ideas or endings but it’s the middle part I’m most afraid of. I scared to bore my reader.


What inspired the story?

 There is a hundred and twenty-five year old mansion in my home town that I have been in love with since I was a little girl. It has been for sale for several years and on a whim I asked the real estate agent if she’d be willing to show me the home in the name of literature. To my surprise she agreed.

            When I went to see the house, I was actually writing another book with this house in mind but after seeing it I went home trying to devise ways in which I could afford this house. I fell asleep with this in mind and suddenly I woke up with the title, Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals, ringing in my memory. I rushed to the computer telling myself that I was only going to write the premise. Four hours later I had a little more than that.  



 Maple Lane returns to the retirement home where she grew up, after ten years away, and must face the music. How can she rebuild the dilapidated building, repay a massive mortgage, and restore her residents’ faith in her with her arch-nemesis – Stacy Three Names – breathing down her neck, hungry for an artifact said to grant immortality? As Stacy sabotages Maple’s efforts, the gorgeous new handyman Derek complicates matters with his demon blood and hot attraction.

How can Maple and her residents fight Stacy, find the artifact, and save their home with the rich and powerful of the town arrayed against them?

…And can she trust a demon to help her?



EXCERPT: Chapter One


As of about four and a half minutes ago, I officially quit college. I’ve decided that after attending not one but two separate colleges during my nine…okay ten years of switching majors and still not knowing what I want to be when I grow up, that I was never meant to be a serious intellectual. I was not designed to run a corporate enterprise or wow the art world with genius sculpture and paintings. I was studying to become a teacher until I realized I don’t like children. I would have made an excellent veterinarian, except I’m allergic to cats. Or, more accurately they are allergic to me. I wanted to be an engineer, but it turns out I’m also allergic to math, which also eliminated almost all science and accounting. I even tried psychology, caseworker, and business major. So after trying everything that ever caught my attention, I switched to a technical college, where I discovered I had no talent for mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, heating, or cooking anything in an oven. And I literally flunked out as a dental assistant when I vomited on a patient while I was cleaning his teeth during final exams. So because of this, or rather despite all of this, I’m going into the family business.

My decision for this very sudden and life-altering change might have been prompted by the three-page, single-spaced letter I am now holding. It’s written in legal speak and since I did a very brief stint in law – after watching a marathon of Law and Order while recovering from a vicious and unprompted cat attack – I will summarize; “Your grandmother is dead, and she’s left you the house and its current occupants.”

This is the letter telling me that my Granny Nan has passed away. It was unexpected, and I’m not saying unexpected as in she was always so healthy and she never said she was sick. No, I’m saying unexpected because she was a vampire. Granny Nan was the first in our family, full born. She came with all the perks of the undead. She could turn into a bat and she never aged. She drank the blood of the living, but she never took more than necessary. She could hypnotize people with a wink of her long black lashes, and any whispered suggestions she made became the victim’s lifelong mission to fulfill. She stayed inside on sunny days and avoided anything resembling a wooden stake. On top of all of this, she was very fast and very smart and very full of life.

She raised me from six months old, as my mother had met her untimely demise in an unfortunate car accident involving a truck transporting picket fence posts. As far as anyone knew in the small town where I grew up, Granny Nan wasn’t my very young-looking, nearly two hundred year-old grandmother. She was just my mom.

I’m a second-generation vampire. Vampires aren’t made, or even bred. As far as we can tell, they just happen once in a while, and the only way they can have children is if they choose to do so with a human. Long story short, that makes me a quarter vampire. Meaning I don’t get to live forever, I can’t turn into any cool animals, and I will never be able to hypnotize people with a look or a whisper. The only thing I got from that side of the family is that I have to wear sunscreen year round and I’m mildly anemic. I don’t drink blood, but I like my steak extra rare. I have a pretty good metabolism, but unlike Granny Nan I do have to burn a few calories on the treadmill a few times a week if I want to eat cupcakes.

Having been raised in a retirement home, I am probably more aware of my own mortality than most. What I learned from my somewhat different childhood experience was that I didn’t want to die without living a full and happy life. The only problem was I seemed to be having trouble getting that life of excitement started. I was so scared to make the wrong move that I ended up not moving at all. So at twenty-seven – okay twenty-eight, I was now the newest caretaker of Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals.


About the Author:

What I like…


Maple Lane Manor, Home for Retired Supernaturals

Hanging out with Corey and Titan

Memoirs of a Geisha

Molly Harper

Favorite Saying, Reality TV kills brain cells faster than crystal meth.

Autumn time



Jack Coon

Things I dislike,

Reality Television

The words, I can’t

Skinny jeans on adult men

Books or movies with talking animals unless it’s a cartoon…don’t ask me why

Hard Candy


The fact the pretty much anything that’s ever been FDA approved can give you cancer.

Blatantly rude people

People who hate other people based on physical appearance, sexuality or creed.



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