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Mad Moon by Regina Carlysle

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title:  Mad Moon (book 6 High Plains Shifters)
Author: Regina Carlysle
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: shape shifter
Release Date: July 31, 2013

Do you write in more than one genre?
Yes, I write paranormal with an emphasis on shifters. I write wolf, jaguar and panther shifters and have just contracted first book in an immortal warrior series but I also write contemporary westerns set in small town Texas. Currently, I’m working on a romantic suspense which I hope to sub to Ellora’s Cave

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?
Procrastinating, No question about that. I have learned the internet is my enemy and I’m constantly chatting with friends on Facebook when I should be working.

What inspired the story?
I started writing the High Plains Shifters series several years ago and so enjoyed incorporating things I love…cowboys, shifters and small town Texas so this series was a natural ‘fit’ for me. Lately though, I wanted to expand from one town into another to set up new characters and plots. Mad Moon was born from that idea.

Madden Moon knows what she is the second she walks into the old café. Shifter. Wolf. Trouble.  Struck by her beauty and the air of exhaustion about her, the leader of the Texas Rogues, wishes her straight out of town but as the mating energy of their species sizzles between them and her enemies approach, he has no alternative but to bring the beautiful lycan under his protection and into his bed.

Runaway Lana Vronski is in big trouble. As she races through the woods, local wolves in hot pursuit, she believes all is lost until she is rescued by oh-so-sexy Madden. When he offers her sanctuary and sex hot enough to burn them both, she accepts his proposal but it isn’t until the mating heat between them begins to sizzle wildly out of control that Lana learns her true salvation awaits in his arms. Lana’s enemies are relentless, however, and will stop at nothing as they attempt to rip her from the arms of the man she loves.

A bit about me…
I grew up in small town Oklahoma then moved to Texas where I lived for over thirty years.  Once upon a time I worked as a newspaper journalist, as a public relations director for a university, and other assorted things but these days I am an award winning, multi-published author.

I like writing that is hot, edgy, and often humorous, and try to put this trademark stamp on all of my stories. These days I live in sunny Florida where I find the temps ‘heat up’ my creative urges.  I am a doting, fawning, and over-indulgent mom to my two adult children and believe them to be the coolest people in the world.

When I’m not penning steamy erotic tales set in paranormal worlds or writing hot contemporary books (usually featuring a cowboy or two) I indulge in long chats with friends who help me stay sane and keep me laughing. Wanna be my friend forever? Make me laugh.

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  1. Love your shifter books. No. Wait. Love all of them. Can't wait to start reading this.