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Buried by Gerilyn Marin

Title: Buried
 Author: Gerilyn Marin
 Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
 Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
 Release Date:  March 18, 2013

Gerilyn Marin is a self-proclaimed gothic tree-hugger, currently residing in the same small town where she grew up with her husband & 4 children. She is fascinated by paranormal phenomena & ancient cultures, and has received several awards and nominations for her writing. When not tapping away at the keyboard, or being yelled for by small people, Gerilyn spends time shying away from the sun, staring dreamily at pictures of supposedly haunted houses and deciding what color she'll next use to torture her hair.

Do you write in more than one genre?
 Not at the moment, generally, if it's not paranormal, I get bored, but I may branch out into Sci Fi with some stories in the future.

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?
Action sequences. I'm always concerned with whether or not I'll portray them well. I'm afraid I'll describe a maneuver awkwardly, or that I'll give too much description and end up drawing out the individual actions and make the overall scene boring

What inspired the story?
 The plot itself came from a dream I'd had about (without giving spoilers) this little town with a forgotten history that was tied into strange occurrences that plague the town for as long as the residents can remember. I had also wanted to write a YA story, though it was not originally the age-range I'd thought I'd start out writing for, as my previous works (many of which I'm planning to submit for publishing in the future) all have content that is very dark, or very mature, or both.

Cadence McKenna knows her town is, well, odd. And yet, residents are accustomed to the near-daily supernatural happenings. When Gray Addison moves to Fane's Cove and stays, she is shocked to find that she's the only one who believes there must be something strange about him. With her life-long - if minor - psychic sensitivity, she knows that what she feels isn't simple paranoia. After all, how many normal guys pay no mind to poltergeist activity occurring right in front of them?  Cadence can't dismiss her feelings until she understands why he's in Fane's Cove. Even if it means sticking her neck out by getting close to him... and learning more about her town's history than anyone would ever want to know.


A footfall sounds on the stair beside us and I jump back with a gasp; I catch myself barely an inch from banging the back of my head on the banister. We look up to find there's no body to accompany the noise.
Grey shifts away from it, so that he's blocking me from the unseen entity. The heavy step gets a little softer as it continues downward to the next step.
I feel my skin prickle over with goose bumps as the distinct squeak of a person turning on their heel echoes through the stairwell and the sound continues descending the next flight.
I close the book and squeeze myself out from my place between Grey and the bannister to tiptoe down the stairs after the thing.
My shoulders bunch at the harsh whisper behind me and I turn to look up at him, bounding as silently as he can, to catch up to me.
"What?" I whisper back and return to following the steps; which I can barely hear now, thanks to Mr. Walking Distraction.
"What are you doing? It could be dangerous!"
I say softly over my shoulder, "I just want to know where it's going."
The stairs lead to a back corridor of the basement that runs between the cafeteria and the gym, and then wind down one more flight to a subbasement. I worry for a moment that we've lost the sound to the hallway—it's not noisy here, but that's only because the stairwell door is closed—but then I hear a footstep below us.
I peer around the corner, trying to confirm that it's going to the subbasement.
Grey leans over beside me in his own attempt to get a look. "What's that, a boiler room?"
I can't help wondering if it's strange that I'm already used to having his voice in my ear.
"No," I whisper back, shaking my head and looking up at him, "boiler room's on the other side of the building. As far as I know, this one's just storage."
His eyes, still on the door below us, go wide, and instantly, his arm is around my waist, as he tries to pull me back around the corner of the stairwell.
My curiosity kicks into overdrive and I clamp my free hand on the banister as I look.
A dark shape hovers at the foot of the stairs. It's vague, but I think this was, definitely, once a person.
I hold my breath without intending to, as I fight with myself; half of me wants to let go and allow Grey to hide me from whatever that is; the other half wants to creep forward, to see how close I can get before the specter fades from view. It shifts slowly, like it's turning, and the shadowy silhouette looks oddly substantial, as though I can make out the thick curve of a shoulder.
Like I'm watching a flesh-and-blood person turn and look up at me.

Where can we find your website?

As of this date (7/15), the eBook of Buried will be on sale for $0.99 until July 21st.

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