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The Gifted One by Jacob Z. Flores

Literary Nymphs Interview


Title: The Gifted One
Author: Jacob Z. Flores
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: paranormal m/m romance
Release Date: April 5, 2013


Do you write in more than one genre?

The Gifted One is my first dabble in paranormal romance, but prior to that I published 3, which is a contemporary m/m/m romance. I don’t know if I’ll write in any other genre of gay fiction. I truly enjoy what I currently write a great deal, so I’m not in any hurry to write anything different. In fact, I have so many ideas for stories; I lack the time to tackle them all!

What if any, is the hardest part of writing for you?

The writer’s block that inevitably strikes. It can be quite crippling, and I never know when it’s going to hit. Sometimes, it’s in the middle of the book, either right before or after the climax. I either don’t like how I’ve outlined the rest of the book or the story has taken a turn I didn’t anticipate and have to find some way to fix the rest of the narrative. Still, despite the writer’s block, I love writing. It’s what I most enjoy doing.

What inspired the story?

This is quite an interesting answer, at least to me. Haha! The Gifted One came from a plot bunny.

I had a nightmare about being confined in a dark room with only a lone door in front of me. Something was on the other side trying to get in while I was trying to keep the door shut. The door turned to paper and then caught on fire. I had no choice but to back away, and when the door was gone I knew whatever was on the other side was going to get me. Luckily, this blinding light appeared and when I turned around to see who brought the light, I woke up.

I wrote the dream down, wondering what was on the other side of that door and who brought the light. My answer became The Gifted One.

If you read the novel, and I hope you do, you will gain some insight into my truly weird dreams. They are pretty funky and scary, and I love them! I know that sounds terribly strange, but they provide some excellent fodder for novels.

As his birthday approaches, Matthew Westlake fears more than just growing a year older. He fears never seeing another year at all. Each birthday brings a close call with death, leaving holes in his memory, recurring nightmares, and one more glimpse of his guardian angel. This birthday Matt must stand against ancient evils that have hounded him since birth, because he is a Gifted One—a seventh son of a seventh son.

Within Matt rests the unlocked potential of a force for good, but it also makes him a target. Being the Gifted One and dodging demonic attacks aren’t Matt’s only problems, though. He’s fallen in love with his protector, the Archangel Gabriel, and Heaven will condemn that love to save Matt’s soul. But Heaven doesn’t count on Gabriel loving Matt in return, defying divine law, and placing them in danger from demons and angels alike.


“You won’t get anything more from me than money,” Matt challenged as he tried to stand.
Blade kicked Matt back onto the asphalt before pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. “Oh yes, I will,” he snarled before lunging at Matt.
A wall of denim and leather suddenly appeared before Matt, blocking Blade’s path. When he looked up, his savior stood between him and his assailant. They scuffled for a few seconds before Blade flew backwards and landed hard against the green dumpster sitting outside the restaurant’s rear exit.
His savior pulled the knife jutting from his stomach out of his body and tossed it onto the pavement without a second glance. Matt instinctively knew the wound wasn’t serious. In fact, as hard as it was for him to believe about a stab wound to the abdomen, Matt suspected the knife didn’t do much, if any, damage at all.
And before Matt had time to register how he could possibly know that, the man then leaped toward Blade, who was scurrying to get to his feet.
“Matt!” a voice from behind him called.
He looked over his shoulder and saw Dee, Shane, and Craig turning the corner of the building. When they saw the two men fighting, Dee and Shane stopped in their tracks. Without thinking, Craig rushed into the fray.
“Stop!” Craig cried, while trying to pull his savior off Blade. “Police.”
Neither man took notice of the warning.
Craig raised his fist to punch the man who had twice saved his life, and Matt immediately sprung to his feet. He rammed into Craig, knocking him over. Dee and Shane shrieked in response.
“What the hell?” Craig asked, when he hit the pavement with Matt on top of him.
“Don’t hurt him,” he replied. “He saved me.”
Suddenly, Matt found himself lifted from Craig and safely scooped within the arms of his savior.
“Don’t touch him,” his savior warned Craig.
“He’s getting away,” Dee shouted!
They all turned to watch Blade jump on top of a car and then bound over the wooden fence to safety beyond.
After he was gone, everyone stared at Matt, who was still safely cradled in his savior’s protective arms. Matt gazed deeply into the man’s blue eyes. Where once a storm of rage blew, they were again as calm as a windless day.
“Are you hurt?” he asked Matt.
Unable to speak, Matt shook his head no.
His savior then, reluctantly, set him back onto the pavement with great care as if he were the most fragile, special person on the planet. And though his friends and Craig stared at the two of them in bewilderment, Matt wanted nothing more than to return to the comfort of the arms that seem destined to protect him from harm.
I hope readers will enjoy The Gifted One. I know I enjoyed writing it. It combines two of my favorite genres—romance and horror. It will get your blood pumping from the demon attacks to the tender, yet hot moments that occur in between.

Where can we find your website?

Jacob Z. Flores lives a double life. During the day, he is a respected college English professor and mid-level administrator. At night and during his summer vacation, he loosens the tie and tosses aside the trendy sports coat to write man on man fiction, where the hard ass assessor of freshmen level composition turns his attention to the firm posteriors and other rigid appendages of the characters in his fictional world.

Summers in Provincetown, Massachusetts, provide Jacob with inspiration for his fiction. The abundance of barely clothed man flesh and daily debauchery stimulates his personal muse. When he isn’t stroking the keyboard, Jacob spends time with his husband, Bruce, their three children, and two dogs, who represent a bright blue blip in an otherwise predominantly red swath in south Texas.

You can follow Jacob’s musings on his blog at or become a part of his social media network by visiting,!/JacobZFlores, or


  1. Sounds like a must read story. I am hooked.


  2. Sounds very intense, but completely compelling!

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

  3. Thanks, Cinders. I hope you enjoy it. :)

  4. This looks really interesting! I don't usually like immediate-love-at-first-sight, but this seems to be a less dramatic version of that, which has me hooked. I got a little confused during the fight scene (had to read it a couple times), but I think that's because I wasn't familiar with which name fit to which character, as I haven't read much yet.

    Also, I must say, that artist statement gets me every time. My roommate is probably sick of me going "Oh, Oh, you've got to hear this!" and reading it out loud every time I come across it XD

    Can't wait to read the book- I'll definitely go ahead and get it the next time I have some extra money!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Maddie. I hope you enjoy the book!

  6. I like to see knife fights in alleys from the relative safety of the iPad. Do you let your students use iPads in class? Do you let them have knife fights in class?? Sorry, that excerpt got to me. Thanks!

  7. Urb, I don't let them use knives, but if they have the iPads, they can use those. :)

  8. Thanks so much for the excerpt and the insight into your nightmare.
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