Monday, December 3, 2012

Subject 13 by Ethan Stone

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title:Subject 13
Author: Ethan Stone
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: M/M Mystery/thriller
Release Date: March 2013

What inspired the story?
 A scene from the movie Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman planted the seed in my head. It just took many, many years to solidify the story. It was originally a religious story, then a mainstream romance and then finally the hot, mysterious thriller it became.

File #74262, continued
Two possible issues have arisen. Subject 7 has been undergoing psychological counseling. Surveillance shows the subject could be recovering
Subject 6 also shows signs of being a possible problem. Her continued doubt about how Subject 5, her best friend, died worries me. Additionally, the
fact that she is near everything could prove to be a problem.
* * * *
I woke up later with Ben gone and a blanket wrapped around me. I sat up quickly, but relaxed when I heard the shower running. I pulled on my underwear,
walked into the kitchen and grabbed a soda.
The file of Gwendolyn's I had borrowed from Flint was sitting on the kitchen table, so I sat and skimmed through it. By the time Ben got out of the shower, I had
all the papers spread across the table.
"Hey there," Ben called out, as he walked into the kitchen. I glanced back and groaned. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and his chest was still wet
from the shower. I could see up his leg and had the slightest glimpse of his bare hip.
He walked up behind me, leaned down and kissed my neck. I turned my head so he had easier access, and he sucked for a minute.
"You could've joined me in the shower," he whispered in my ear, making me shiver.
"I figured if I did, we'd get distracted."
"It would've been a fun distraction," he said. He straightened and rubbed my shoulders.
"Babe, my ass needs a bit more recuperation time." I looked up at him and smiled.
A serious look of consternation crossed his face. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"
"No, you didn't hurt me. It was amazing."
"As long as you promise to tell me if I do hurt you." Ben bent my head back and kissed me. He pointed at my mess on the table and asked, "What's that?"
"Gwendolyn's files," I answered with a hint of duh.
He rolled his eyes and grinned. "I mean this." He leaned over me, grabbed one of the sheets of paper and handed it to me.
It was the list of names I'd found while in Lovelock, but not the same sheet I'd first seen. This one was on a different stock of paper--it was thicker and a
different shade. He pointed at a small watermark in the corner of the page. It was Frosty the Snowman, complete with corncob pipe and button nose.
"It looks familiar," Ben said, "although, I don't know where I've seen it before."
"It's Frosty the Fucking Snowman!" I laughed. "You see him every year on TV."
"Besides there, smartass. Who would use Frosty as a watermark?"
I shrugged. "Haven't got a clue."
Ben walked to the side of the table and looked through the papers. The open side of the towel was toward me and I could see his partially erect cock. Seeing it
made my prick go from soft to hard in hardly more than an instant. I reached over and gripped his cock.
Ben let out an almost silent moan as I stroked him. "I thought you said your ass needed more recuperation time?"
"There's more to do than just fuck, right?"
"Don't forget I have to be at work in two hours," he said.
"That's more than enough time." I slid to the floor and pulled the towel from his waist.
Where can we find your website?
 Get on the information highway, turn left past the Railroad Crossing, marked XXX, take a right when you see the dork in the road and look for the big, round Stone.
Meet: Ethan Stone

I’m odd and quirky. I’m creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, altogether ooky. Oh wait… I think that’s trademarked.
I’m a 38 year old gay man with the sex drive of a 21-year-old gay man and it shows in my writing. Sex and love and romance is what I like to read so it’s what I write as well. Once you go Stone, you’ll never roam.

What are your 2 favorite careers?
 I’ve been a Sandwich Artist, Cashier, Produce Manager, Electronics Manager, Newspaper Reporter and Correctional Officer. Quite varied careers and I wouldn’t want to ever do any of them again. My dream jobs, not including writer, would be anchor of the Today Show or Movie Critic.

What is the hardest thing you ever had to do?
 Give birth. My god that hurt like a bitch, Wait, that wasn’t me? Oh. Well, in that case my answer is popping that really hard pimple I had on my back.

Favorite music, song or band
 I love Kelly Clarkson. She’s got crazy mad talent and a unique voice. I normally listen to country because where I live we get one radio station, two if the wind is blowing right. The one station used to be contemporary country but now it alternates between Christmas music and classic country.
Are you usually late, early or right on time?

Are you happy with your life for the most part right now?
 Absolutely, except for my job and where I live and being single and the difficulty in finding men and living near my ex-boyfriend.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
 Atlantis. I’ve always wanted to go to the underwater kingdom and swim with some hot mer-men.

What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
 Either sex or Mt Dew. Well, if I really, really needed to I could give up sex.