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One Last Kiss Goodbye by N.J. Nielsen

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title: One Last Kiss Goodbye
Author:  N.J. Nielsen
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Release Date: June 16 2012

What inspired the story?

 To be honest this story was inspired by a picture I see on face book. The guys face just had the voices in my head going quiet until only his story could be heard. Jacen Ives was born and he told me the greatest love he ever had was for Kayne Henderson and so like the nice *cough-cough* person I am. I wrote their love story.


Jacen has always hidden his feeling's from the boy he knew he was meant to love. Leaving to get away from the family Kayne is making for himself didn't help because his heart could never forget. Mistakes at eighteen set Kayne's future in place. So with one last kiss goodbye he lied, and let his heart walk away – his best friend’s brother. Time heals all wounds, yet sometimes it just confuses the matter, especially when Kayne has two young children to raise.

Six years later, Kayne needs to find out just who is trying to destroy Jacen's life-- The man responsible for beating Jacen up; or Kayne's ex- who’s hated Jacen since they were teens, because he holds Kayne’s heart?

Two Weeks Ago
"Hello, you have reached Jace's phone. I'm busy, and you know the drill." Jacen listened to his answering machine pick up as he scanned the papers in his hands. The message hadn't been a lie; he really was busy. He had a room plan to write up and put into action. Who knew that after five years of university learning all things business, he would decide to own and run a day-care centre? He had never been a partier, and George had taken up most of his spare time since they had met at the bar on
Bronson Street
near the Uni.
"Jace, pick up the goddamn phone. You know I hate talking to these things." His brother's voice sounded panicky. After a lingering moment, Jace reached over and lifted the handset, then eased back into the couch and waited for the lasted drama to unfold.
"I'm here, Micah," Jacen answered. His eyes fell on one of the two framed photographs sitting on his coffee table. They were situated so he could gaze at his family whenever he talked on the phone. One was of his father and Nancy, the other, the one on which he presently had his concentration on, was of Micah and his partner Sammy.
"Thank God! Are you busy? Can you come home? Sammy is driving me nuts with all the organising and stuff. Come home and put me out of my misery. Come home and take some of the pressure off me."
"Slow down. What's happening? You sound like you're about to burst, or you're going to pee yourself." He could just imagine his brother rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone.
"The wedding! Dad and Nancy are finally tying the knot in six weeks, or had their big day slipped your mind completely? Sammy is organising the seating and meals, so the reason I am really supposed to be calling is… We are wondering if you're still coming to the wedding, and are you bringing… George?"
Sighing deeply, he tapped his head back against the lounge and stared at the cobweb forming in the corner of the window frame. Jacen knew how much his brother hated his partner, and as far as George was concerned the feeling was entirely mutual. There wasn't a day that went past where George didn't demean Jacen and say "now you're acting just like that damn brother of yours." In the beginning, their relationship had been a good one. George was the distraction he needed to forget his past, but as time wore on, things got steadily worse; especially after George worked out he was still in love with Kayne and had forever held the information over Jacen's head. Jacen never thought he deserved better. This was his punishment for loving a man he could never have and not the one he was with.
After all these years, Jacen was too afraid to admit he never did quite manage to get over the first guy he had fallen in love with, not that keeping his secret got him anywhere. Kayne and Teagan had married and even had a baby boy nine months after he had left Queensland. And not long after Micah's twenty-first birthday, they had their second child, a little blue-eyed cutie named Sophie, according to Micah.
When their marriage had been announced, the news had kicked him in the teeth and shredded his heart. The funny thing was, the night the marriage bomb had been dropped on him Jacen had gone out to drown his sorrows and met George. At the time, meeting George seemed like fate; now the whole damn relationship just seemed like hard work.
"Yes, George and I will be there. I think we're leaving the Friday before and coming back on Sunday."
"Can't you stay longer? We haven't seen each other since forever," Micah complained.
"George needs to be back to start work on Monday."
"Then let George go home alone. Dad is getting married, for Christ's sake! This is a time for families to pull together. I know damn well you haven't started on the whole day-care thing yet. I wish you would come home and consider running one here. It would be nice to actually see your face for a change and not just get to talk to you over the phone. It seems like he's pulling you away from us, your family. I miss you!" The last two words came out sounding like a plea.
 Sighing, Jacen removed his glasses and rubbed his tired eyes. This was one conversation he and Micah had had on a number of occasions over the past four years.
"Okay, I'll think about it. I'll talk to George and get back to you."
"Hey, little brother, do me a favour and check between your legs because I think someone stole your balls."
"I'll call you back soon, I promise; just let me figure some shit out first."
"I'll be waiting. Call my cell. I need to go and help Kayne out for a bit."
"Will do." Jacen ended the call knowing full well Micah expected him to call back today. He had learned long ago not to mention Kayne when talking to his brother. If they never talked about Kayne then Micah wouldn't realise just how much Jacen still loved his best friend.
Jacen's hand instinctively slipped down to caress himself through the fabric of his pants. He closed his eyes and an image of Kayne came to mind. Was this really classed as cheating if you hadn't slept with your current partner in two months? Lately he just couldn't bring himself to be physical with George.
He broke out in a sweat as his body reacted to his thumb working the wet head. "Kayne," Jacen murmured as his orgasm steadily built. He thrust up one last time into his hand. "Kayne!" Slowly, Kayne's smiling face faded from his mind and his guilt kicked in, and he stripped off his t-shirt to clean himself up.
Now was the time to make a change.
Neatly packing away the papers into a folder and shutting down his laptop, Jacen grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat on the couch. He propped his foot up on the coffee table and rested his head against the back of the couch. His gaze drifted towards the ceiling as he stared out at nothing, relishing the feeling as the last of his orgasm relaxed him. What the hell am I still doing here in a city I don't even like? Micah's right, I need to get out of here and live my life. I need to start over.
Putting down his untouched beer, he snatched up the phone.
"Hello, I need to move right away. Can you be here tomorrow? I'm in a bit of a hurry." Rattling off his information, he finally felt like he could breathe. He still held the phone in his hand when it started ringing again.
"Where the hell have you been? Have you totally forgotten we were going to Kravens for drinks tonight? I've been sitting here like a fool waiting for you to turn up. It would serve you right if I went home and fucked somebody else."
When George finally stopped for a breath, Jacen spoke. "George, feel free to go home and fuck anyone you like. It's never stopped you before. As for me, I am going home. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some packing to do." Jacen hung up the phone while George was still screaming on the other end of the line.

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