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Mickey's Duke by Vicktor Alexander

 Literary Nymphs Interview

Title:  Mickey’s Duke
Author: Vicktor Alexander
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Genre: Gay Erotic Romance, Steampunk, Scifi
Release Date: July 6, 2012 

What inspired the story?

Honestly? I get inspiration from all over the place. I can’t really remember exactly when I got the story for Mickey and Evander but I do remember that I was talking to one of my adopted older sisters [Cherie Noel] about Harlequin romances, the M/M romance genre and my love for pushing the envelope. I like to see how many different sub-genres, or tropes or conflicts I can put into a story and still make it good. Much like with my book, Unassumed, which is a book about a black cowboy who falls in love with a trans* character (who isn’t completely sure that is the right definition for how he feels) who is also deaf and a shifter, Mickey’s Duke took the steampunk genre and gave it a twist. I love the Regency period, I love gay men [obviously, being one myself], I am a diehard Trekkie [Beam me up Scotty], and I am one of those rare, unashamed people who loves mpreg. I love the idea of a man getting pregnant, just as much as I love the idea of a woman impregnating her female lover. For me there is no box, no lines to cross. This book gave me the chance to do that, because I’ve read some delicious steampunk in the M/M romance genre, I’ve read some hot scifi in this genre, I’ve even read some tantalizing mpreg stories… I am not ashamed to say that I wanted to be the one to bring all three of those elements and mix them together.
Mickey wanted his story to be told. He wanted people to know about being Rodeiron and having a husband, a “genetic match”, who is a duke. He showed up because of my love for the period that his world emulates and because of Star Trek and because if I could I’d so impregnate a few men. I don’t think you can go wrong with having a few Vics running around the world. LOL.
I was beyond shocked when I found out that the book was not only on ARe’s bestseller list but also on Bookstrand’s as well, but I don’t know why. The Regency period is one that everyone loves and seriously? Mickey and Evander’s story is hot. I’m so glad that picked me to share their love story with the world.


An hour later, Mickey followed Evander into a large bedroom filled with large, masculine furniture composed of dark wood and dark blue fabrics. Mickey scratched his left arm lightly, disgust oozing its way through his pores. Where was the colour? The light? Did Evander really sleep surrounded with such absence of light? How hadn’t the man gone bloody insane yet?
          Oh that’s right. He had.
          “You look like you don’t like it,” Evander’s voice sounded closely behind him. Mickey swallowed as his cock thickened in his pants. Oh, this was so the wrong time for his body to be reacting to the sound of Evander’s voice. He’d listened to Evander for the last hour while he showed Mickey around his new home, introducing him to the staff, and Mickey hadn’t had an iota of a sexual reaction to him. So why now? His cock was so hard, Mickey felt as if he would be able balance on it.
          He wasn’t going to test out that theory though.
          “It’s very… masculine,” Mickey responded, hoping Evander would just let things drop. He really should have known better.
          “So you hate it?” Evander asked him.
          Mickey nibbled on his bottom lip. What should he say? He’d always prided himself on his honesty, but he had no idea where things stood between him and Evander. He had no idea why Evander had brought him there. Why he was in Evander’s home when they’d only known each other for a few hours. It confused and scared the hell out of him, and since he had no idea where they were in proximity to his suite of rooms, Mickey had no idea how to get home if the duke should get upset and tell him to get out.
          “Please be honest with me. You will be sharing this room with me. I would like for you to enjoy it,” Evander’s eyes shone bright with honesty, flecks of gold catching in the light from the candles overhead.
          “I will?” he asked in lieu of answering Evander’s question.
          “Yes, you will,” Evander responded with a smile as he ran his fingers through Mickey’s hair.
          “Why?” Mickey asked, the question dripping from his lips like the last few raindrops after a storm.
          “You mean you don’t know yet? You couldn’t tell?” Evander sounded extremely shocked, and Mickey was even more confused.
          “Tell what? Know what? Evander, I need you to tell me what you know,” Mickey stated, his hands reaching up to clutch Evander’s jacket lapels. If Evander already knew they were a genetic match, then that meant he knew Mickey was Rodeiron and the probability of them having a child within the next nine months was definite.
          “That we were meant to be together. That we have a connection. Couldn’t you feel it when you got into the carriage?” Evander’s words were deep and filled with certainty.
          Mickey’s heart dropped and he swallowed thickly. Evander had felt their connection, which was a definite good thing, but he didn’t know that Mickey was Rodeiron which meant they still had a major hurdle to overcome. Dammit, why couldn’t things ever be easy for him?
          “Well, yes, I did. I didn’t expect for you to bring me to your home, though. This is Wilgrin. Everyone knows that---
          Evander placed his finger over Mickey’s lips and he stopped speaking. Well, that was just rude. Mickey mentally huffed as he relaxed his surprisingly tense muscles and looked up at Evander, waiting for him to say whatever it was that he wanted to say. Since he’d stopped Mickey from speaking and everything. If Evander hadn’t been so goddamn gorgeous, Mickey would have kicked him in the shin for that, he’d done a lot more to people for a lot less. But Evander was a duke, a sexy duke, and one just didn’t beat up on the sexy. At least, not in Mickey’s world.
          “Yes, this is Wilgrin, but the Wilgrin of the past, the Wilgrin that perhaps you learned about in university, is not the Wilgrin of today,” Evander pointed out. “Yes, there are some who are against homosexuality, who deem it to be a heinous act against the Great God, but for the most part, people are very accepting of those whose lifestyle does not match up to their own.”
          Mickey stared up at Evander in shock, feeling a little upset that the things he’d learned about in school were archaic and incorrect. Then again, you would expect something like historical and foreign affairs education to be swept under the rug on a planet where people were obsessed with the sciences. Mickey had never been too good at the scientific stuff, not like his brothers or father. Perhaps that was why he was one of the rare male breeders born on Rodeiro, because he would never live up to his potential to be a man of math and science.
          “Oh. So you’re saying that it’s okay for us to be… together… here?” Mickey asked hesitantly. He still wasn’t exactly sure what it was that Evander wanted from him, but perhaps this was a good way to get him to confess whatever it was that he planned to do to Mickey.
          “I’m saying that not only is it okay for us to be together, but that we are going to be together,” Evander stated, his voice firm. “I had every intention of bringing you back home when I saw you run into the alley, but when I heard your voice and then saw your face completely…” Evander took in a shuddering breath and Mickey was shocked by the need and yearning expressed in the heated black depths of his eyes. “I knew that I had to have you. For more than just an hour or a day. I needed to have you forever.” He nodded down at Mickey as if coming to a decision in his head. “And I will,” those words, said in a tone so firm, so decided, brooked no argument, not from anyone.
          Especially Mickey.
          Mickey opened his mouth when there was a knock on the door. Evander walked over to the door to answer it, his shirt thrown haphazardly on the bed, his white cravat hanging limply around his neck as he opened it. Mickey looked through the cracked door and saw David, Evander’s valet.
          “Your Grace, the vicar is here, as is your solicitor, who has procured the special license you asked for. They await you in the green dining room,” David said before bowing to Evander and Mickey. Mickey grinned broadly when the valet gave him a little wink before straightening to his full height, which wasn’t much.
          “Thank you, David,” Evander’s words were haughty, his tone almost disparaging, as if he were looking down on David. Mickey thought that was just… rude for Evander to treat his valet that way and began a mental list of things he needed to speak with Evander about. The first of which was the fact that he was pretty certain he was pregnant.
          Especially since Rodeirons knew within hours of conception whether there was a babe or not, and Mickey definitely knew that he was carrying the duke’s baby.
          “Come, Mickey. You heard:  David, William, and Gregory are here. We’re going downstairs to get married.”
          Mickey’s ass clenched as Evander’s words swept over his senses. Holy fucking shit balls. He was beyond screwed now.

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  1. I love his books and claim him as my older brother. I really enjoy everything he writes I can't wait to get this book and another of his and soon I will have them both. He's an amazing Author & friend & brother. ~Blows kisses~