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Olives for the Stranger by Neil Plakcy

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title: Olives for the Stranger
Author: Neil S. Plakcy
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 12, 2012

What inspired the story?

Soon after the events of the Arab Spring in Tunisia in January of 2011, one of my favorite fans emailed me to ask what Aidan and Liam, the heroes of my Have Body, Will Guard series, were doing during that time.

It was a great question that got me thinking. Liam is a former US Navy SEAL who left the military under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Through a contact, he landed in Tunis and began providing bodyguard services to visiting businessmen.

In the first book in the series, Three Wrong Turns in the Desert, Aidan takes a job teaching ESL in Tunis to get as far away from a failed relationship in the US as he can. Liam mistakes him for a client, and when the client is killed, then ropes him into an adventure in the Sahara, where they fall in love. In two more books (Dancing with the Tide and Teach Me Tonight) they build a personal protection business together.
But who would they be protecting during this uprising? I wanted a case that would challenge them both personally and professionally. What if the client was someone they didn’t like? And what if the case required them to split up and function independently? Liam’s always been the alpha male, and Aidan the beta—could they manage on their own? This scene takes place somewhat late in the book, when they’ve reunited in Marseille, France, after being separated.


“I hope you’re right,” Aidan said. They snuggled again and lay down together on Aidan’s narrow bed. Liam felt as horny as a teenager, and he understood what his high school classmates meant when they talked about blue balls. His were so tight with longing for the intimate touch of Aidan’s body that they ached. But they still had work ahead of them, and Liam was resolved not to start anything they couldn’t finish quickly. And when he did have his way with Aidan, it would be anything but quick.

Jean-Luc returned at nine-thirty and knocked on the bedroom door. Liam rose to meet him. “We’ll go soon,” Liam said. “I want to get to the club early enough to be able to talk to this bouncer before the club gets busy.”

Jean-Luc agreed that was a good plan. As Jean-Luc walked back down the hallway, Liam turned to Aidan, who had peeled off his polo shirt and was rummaging in his suitcase. He pulled out a low-cut V-necked sweater and slipped it on. It fit him like a second skin and exposed the curly black hairs that clustered at the base of his throat.

Liam was immediately jealous. “You’re wearing that?”

“Got to dress to attract,” he said. He reached back in the suitcase and pulled out a sock, which he stuffed into his pants.

“Aidan. Really.”

“Some of us are not as generously endowed as others.”

“What exactly are you planning to do tonight?”

Aidan cocked his head and looked at him. “Get friendly enough with the bouncer that he’ll spill his secrets.”

“Christ. You don’t have to seduce him for that.”

“You can try things your way, and I’ll try them mine,” Aidan said.

Liam wanted nothing more than to strip his partner naked, and take Aidan over his lap and spank that sexy ass until he agreed that he would not flaunt his body for anyone other than Liam. But that was a jealous, Neanderthal attitude, he knew, especially when Aidan was just trying to help in his own way.

He took a deep breath. “I guess I should wear my old Navy T-shirt, then,” he said, referring to a faded one that was too tight as well as strategically ripped to show off his right nipple ring.

“That’s the idea,” Aidan said. “And think of how much fun we’ll have taking these clothes off each other later.”

That was exactly what Liam was thinking of, though he hated the idea of waiting at all. As they walked to the Club XX, his dick was so stiff and leaking precum that he was afraid he’d arrive with a big wet spot at his crotch. Fortunately, the cold air and the need to stay alert tamped down his eager dick.

The bouncer at the door looked nothing like Serhan Rimidi had been described. He was short and squat, with flowing dark hair and pockmarked skin. They walked past him into the club, where colored lights spiraled around a nearly empty dance floor. The DJ was playing French dance music, and the few men in the club that early clustered around the bar or stood singly by the walls.

Liam walked up to the bar and motioned the bartender. He ordered a pair of French beers for himself and Aidan, then asked, “I’m looking for Serhan. He around?”

The bartender, a skinny Frenchman with a goatee and tattoos around his neck, said, “No, Serhan works Saturday night.”

Liam paid him and took the beers. He turned back to Aidan and handed him a bottle. “We might as well drink the beer before we go back.”

“Or we could stick around,” Aidan said, putting his arm around Liam’s waist. “We haven’t had much time together in a while.”

“Jean-Luc is watching the clients,” Liam said. “He’s not expecting us back quickly.”

Aidan lifted his beer to his lips and drank. “You want to dance?”

“With you?”

“No, with that loser over by the wall. Of course with me.”

“Well, when you put it that way.” Liam took his bottle and Aidan’s and put them on a table, and then led his partner to the dance floor.

Liam had never danced much before he met Aidan. As a teenager, he was too shy around girls, and he didn’t have the hormonal drive that would have forced him to be more sociable. Then as a Navy SEAL, he was surrounded by men, and when the team would go out to bars, they’d be intent on drinking and carousing rather than dancing.

But Aidan loved to dance, and he’d turned Liam on to the pleasure of swaying with another man’s body close to his. He enjoyed the almost military strategy behind formal dances—the way a certain step was accompanied by a movement of the hips, the repetitive patterns, the opportunity to use his body in a different way than accustomed.

Aidan had been a good teacher, and in the privacy of their little house, they had practiced slow dancing first. Aidan would rest his head on Liam’s shoulder, one arm snaked up behind to his partner’s neck, the other resting chastely on his hip—though sometimes the hand roved farther south.

After a few initial stumbles, Liam had mastered the art of slow dancing, and they’d moved on to the samba, the fox trot, and the mambo. From there, they’d begun improvising, imitating moves they saw on music videos, practicing synchronization.

The midtempo music had a recurring rhythm of drums and hi-hats, and he and Aidan improvised, moving with the beat into their own routine, laughing as they touched hands, bumped hips, even added a bit of bump and grind.

The club was hot and dark, and at first most of the men there seemed to stick to the shadows, checking each other out. But gradually groups arrived together, and the dance floor became more crowded.

They danced for an hour as the club filled up, both of them keeping an eye out in case Serhan Rimidi showed up on his night off. He didn’t, and before midnight, they gave up and returned to the apartment, downing bottles of water on the walk home.

Jean-Luc met them at the door. “Mansoor and Leila are both asleep. Call me tomorrow morning, and let me know what you’re going to do.”

When he was gone, Aidan said, “I may not know what we’re doing tomorrow yet, but I know what we’re doing right now.”

Liam leaned down and kissed him. “I like the way your mind works.” Aidan led him into the bedroom, then pulled the tight-fitting sweater over his head.

“Mmm,” Liam said, leaning down to take one of Aidan’s nipples in his mouth. Aidan moaned as Liam licked around the areola and then took the nipple between his teeth.

“Keep your voice down,” Liam said through his teeth.

Knowing the client was in the apartment gave an extra bit of the forbidden to their lovemaking. He unbuckled Aidan’s pants, and they fell to the floor, where Aidan kicked them off. Quickly, they were both naked, and Aidan was lying on his back on the bed, his dick sticking straight up in the air. “This isn’t going to work,” Liam said. “There’s not enough room for both of us. Get up.”

Aidan looked disappointed, but he got up from the bed, and Liam took his place. His own dick was stiff too but didn’t stick up as straight as Aidan’s.
 “Now come straddle me,” Liam said.

Aidan stepped gingerly over Liam and then settled his ass on Liam’s groin, Liam’s dick resting in the groove of Aidan’s ass. Then he leaned down, and they kissed.

Liam wrapped his arms around Aidan and pulled him close. He wondered sometimes at the depth of his love for his partner. It wasn’t something he thought about a lot, but every now and then they’d be away from each other during the day, and Liam would feel something in his heart, a longing to be near Aidan. And then sometimes they’d be together, like this, and Liam couldn’t imagine how his life could be any better.

Aidan rubbed his stiff dick, leaking precum, against Liam’s stomach, then rose up and lay flat on top of Liam, his weight pressing down. Both of their dicks were slippery by then, and they rubbed back and forth, both of them suppressing any sound, until they were moving quickly, both of them pressed onward by urgency. He heard Aidan make a very quiet yelp beneath him, and felt the spurt of his partner’s cum, and that was enough to drive him over the edge as well.

When Aidan tried to slide off Liam and lie next to him, he slid off the bed entirely, and both of them burst into quiet laughter. Aidan got into the other bed, and both of them fell asleep quickly.
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