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The Dark Angels: Tied Together by Z. Allora

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title: The Dark Angels: Tied Together
Author: Z. Allora
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Erotic Gay Romance
Release Date: Jan. 6th, 2012
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Tell us about your latest release

This is the second book in The Dark Angels series.

Robin is one of the sweetest characters I have ever written and Josh is the most determined. Their story wrote itself as I was working on the first book in this series. These guys demanded to be heard.


As part of the rock sensation, The Dark Angels, Josh and Robin Strider have the fans calling them “The Twins”. Although they’re not blood brothers, growing up together has given them a special bond that was challenged when they were thrown out of their home. Surviving and being saved from life on the streets makes Robin cling to brotherly ties that don’t exist.

One night with friends opens the doors to what Josh has always wanted – Robin’s body and heart. If Josh learns to master Robin’s inner submissive, he’ll be able to give Robin the security he craves. But can rumors from Josh’s father unravel the ties between Robin and Josh or will a collar and love is enough to tie them together?

What inspired the series?

It was time. I have always written but never shared. I was living in China when I watched videos of the Adam Lambert concerts. I noticed based on the geography of his show he interacted differently (i.e. Did he make out with his bass player or not during the song Fever?). When he made it overseas there were protests in Malaysia (Oct. 2010) caused by fear that he would 'turn boys gay'. This made me look into the laws there which were quite disturbing (Homosexuality is punishable by up to 20 years in prison, fines as well as possible further sentencing in Islamic courts). I felt a strong need for my voice to join the other authors who promote equality and happily ever after’s for people in same sex relationships.

((Plus I love hot rockers!!!))


((This is a scene that takes place after they lose their virginity to each other. Robin goes on a date and Josh decides to remind him of how it can be between them.))

A strangled sound escaped the dark haired man as he moved to the door obliviously wanting to escape. His towel slipped but he caught it at the last second. Robin went into their room to open his dresser drawer. He pulled out a pair of blue cotton briefs; the ones that Josh knew cupped his ass just so.

Keeping his towel on he tried to pull on the underwear. The fabric wasn’t cooperating and it twisted around his ankles as the terry blue towel fell to the floor. Robin and Josh both gasped. His delicate body was now on full display.

It had been months since they had their night of heated abandon in that run down dive of a ‘no tell motel’ and Josh needed more. The way Robin’s cock snapped up and hit his belly, Josh knew wasn’t the only one hungry and desperate. Seeing that long prick in profile caused something to break lose in Josh.

The next thing he knew Robin was laid out on the bed with his knees parted with him between them making a feast of that beautiful cock. That delicious cock was spearing his lips as Josh’s head was bobbing to give it entrance into his mouth and then a nice slow exit.

Robin was making halfhearted attempts to stop Josh’s progress but lightly pushing at his shoulder and saying, “No, we can’t.” Didn’t really stop him.

The groans of need that escaped Robin as Josh’s tongue danced a path up and down the solid ridge of flesh caused him to push his own shorts to his knees. His fist wrapped around him self as he mouthed Robin’s cock.

“We shouldn’t,” Robin choked out as Josh’s tongue was circling his crown. Trying to take his cock back Robin breathed out, “We can’t.”

Another groan of denial was heard as Josh tried to give him the best mouth sex ever. His mouth caressed the velvety shaft, as Robin’s words said “No. We can’t.” But the fingers wrapped in his hair pulling him closer joined with his body’s thrusting to beg, “Yes! Please!”

Josh was listening to Robin’s body.

Sighing in defeat, desperate to stop his body’s reaction as his hips move to get more cock into Josh’s mouth, “Can’t lose you too. Can’t. Please, Josh don’t.”

Pulling off for a moment to reassure him, “You won’t lose me Robby.” Enveloping the cock in front of him down to the root.

Guilt spilled out with his words between the wicked pleasures. “We are brothers. We grew up together.”

“But we aren’t related,” Josh would say it again and again. Maybe at some point Robin would get that. They weren’t brothers and nothing he wanted to do to Robin was brotherly. His feelings had always been well past that.

The dark head of almost dried hair came off the bed to stare at him, “Brothers don’t leave. We can’t.” Inhaling hard and trying to prevent the inevitable. He seemed determined to make him agree to it.

“You are everything to me. I am not leaving.” He said before loving that cock right back into his mouth. “Come for me.”

“No, can’t leave me.” Robin seemed to be holding on to his control by a thread. He was exhaling hard.

“Not leaving. Promise.” Josh gave the cock in front of him a nice long lick. “Now come.”

Robin nodded slightly and his head dropped back. Within a minute, his body bowed off the bed and he was shooting streamers of cream straight down Josh’s throat. Feeling the cream hit the back of his throat made Josh grind down on the bed. Relishing the feel of his erection getting the friction it was so desperate for, he was caught him by surprise as he came.

The next morning played out like all the other mornings that would follow these momentary lapses in Robin’s boundaries. Sometimes, months would pass other times it was mere days between these explosively physically satisfying bouts of uncontrolled passion. The conclusion was always the same. Robin would create distance and re established that they were ‘brothers’. Josh would be cut to shreds by the rejection but as always he would accommodate Robin’s needs.

Days, weeks and months were accounted for in Josh’s head by determining how much time had passed since they were last together. It was rather pathetic so Josh tried not to think about it. Time seemed to blend together while he waited for the next time Robin would allow him in.

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The Pirate Circus by Maureen O. Betita

 Literary Nymphs Interview

Title: The Pirate Circus, book three of the Kraken’s Caribbean series
Author: Maureen O. Betita
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Romantic adventure
Release Date: February 1, 2012

What inspired the story?

The Pirate Circus came about after I’d written myself into a tangle with the second book of the Kraken’s Caribbean, The Chameleon Goggles. I felt like I was dangling from the yardarm, upside down, while juggling rum bottles.

Naturally, all of those sensations resulted in creating a third book, featuring a villainous pirate circus…though the circus isn’t bad…just their admiral. I wanted a romantic adventure for the remaining lonely woman of the three I’d created in the first book… It was Janey’s turn! And she doesn’t like clowns, so the circus sails into port…



 “I’m sorry. I just….” He shook his head. “You’re a very attractive woman, Miss Janey. Here I am, alone with you in the dark of night. Do you have any idea how improper this would be in England?”

She snorted, amused yet pleased to hear him call her attractive. “Well, you’re not in England, and no one cares here.”

“Why do I care? Yet…I don’t want to care.”

God, maybe Tortuga was rubbing off on him at last. What a relief! “Then don’t. You left England behind, for good reason from what I understand. Don’t haul it back into your life.”

“I wish it were that simple.”

She slid from the chair and sat next to him, patted his arm. He was such a beautiful man, more than she could ever aspire to. But if she could help him, maybe they could be a bit more than friends. She hoped.

“Benjamin, it is that simple. They can’t touch you here. Whatever drove you here, it’s gone.” She wouldn’t mention the spirit Mama Lu had seen. Glancing over her shoulder, she hoped it wasn’t anywhere near. If it was Charlie’s mama, she should be hovering over her son.

He set his hand over hers. “You’re a good woman.”

“I’m a pirate. I sail with the Quill, and it’s a good life. Just because I’m land bound at the moment, doesn’t make me a good woman. I’m a good pirate.” The heat from his hand raced up her arm and lodged at her heart. Under the quilt, her legs drifted apart.

“No, you’re both.” He turned his face toward hers. The firelight danced on the gold in his eyes.

She stared, mesmerized. When he kissed her, it seemed an explosion struck them both, setting off a natural chain of events she had no objections to in the least.

Damn, his lips carried the flavor of the whisky, smooth and heady. When he slid his tongue into her mouth, their tongues met with heat and desire, striving to taste and savor the situation. He cupped her head with his strong fingers, but they didn’t last long there. She groaned and shifted closer, the blanket ending up in a bundle at her knees, and one of his hands dropped to slide up her thigh.

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Spell Cat by Tara Lain

Literary Nymphs Interview

Title:  Spell Cat
Author: Tara Lain
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: Contemporary MM paranormal
Release Date: March 20, 2012

What inspired the story?

The first germ of an idea came because I wanted to write a story with a cat in it. Cats cry out for witches! And I love contemporary MM romance. So I put the two together and this developed into the first true paranormal novel I’ve written. I wanted my hero, Killian, to be a great witch and great heroes require big problems. His problem is that his race is declining and he, as the most powerful male witch in a long time, is expected to fix it. But Killian longs to have a real love in his life for once before he sacrifices himself for his community.  It was great fun to write and including the black cat witches’ familiar, Aloysius, made it that much more fun. 

Here’s a blurb:

When Killian Barth, history professor, meets Blaine Genneau, quantum physicist, they ignite their own big bang. But sadly, Killian walks away because he doesn’t do physics professors. In fact, he doesn’t do humans; Killian is the most powerful male witch in 10 generations and, though gay, he’s expected to save his declining race by reproducing. Sex with humans depletes his power – or so he’s been taught. Then why can young human, Jimmy Janx, dissolve spoons with a thought? Somebody’s a lying witch. With his powerful cat familiar, Aloysius, on his shoulder, Killian brings the lightning against deceit and greed to save Blaine from danger and prove love is the greatest power of them all.


Killian has been resisting his attraction to Blaine because humans deplete witches’ powers. But in this scene he gives up the fight. :  )

Blaine stood at the end of the counter a few feet away, staring at Killian.  How long could a witch live with his heart no longer beating?
​Oh gods. He understood. Heat…no, fire! The way he felt this moment dwarfed every emotion he’d had with Moran by a thousand. A million. The chasm between indifference and…passion. His heart beat faster, his breath caught in his chest, and his eyes never wanted to look on another sight, just Blaine. He ought to run, but whether away or straight to Blaine, he wasn’t sure. 


Blaine seemed to catch the welcome in that meow. He smiled and took a step closer. “Hi, Al. Good to see you, buddy.”

​Aloysius unwrapped himself from Killian’s neck, made one bound off the tabletop, and launched himself into Blaine’s waiting arms. Oh Powers, would that Killian could do the same! He actually had to hold himself still, or he knew he’d follow the cat. 

Blaine petted Al as the cat did his imitation of a moving fur coat; purring so loudly that Killian could hear him, even a few feet away. “You seem happy to see me, anyway.” He looked up.
“Are you happy to see me, Killian?”

​Killian nodded. Correction, his head nodded. He had no power over it.
Blaine moved even closer.

“Could I have lunch with you? Talk to you?”

​The head nodded again. 

​The human slipped into the chair beside Killian. Sweet Powers, he smelled so wonderful. ​That sweet and spice together. Killian wanted to turn himself into Aloysius so he could rub all over the man’s body. 

​“This sure is one great cat. Where did you get him?”

​Killian cleared his throat. “Guh, uh, a gift from my mother.”

Blaine chucked Al under the chin, and the cat let him. “My mother hates cats.” He looked up, and Killian swam in the pools of deep green. “Of course, my mother hates me, so she’s not likely to give me the time of day, much less a pet.” 

​“Surely not?”

​He grinned. “That she hates me? Oh yeah. I keep defying her by choosing to be gay when her preacher has clearly cleansed me of this delusion at least ten times, so she has washed her hands of me.”

​“But you didn’t choose… Oh, you’re joking.” 

Blaine’s grin faded. “I wish it were a joke. Then a lot of beaten up, confused kids would have parents who loved and understood them.”
​Powers. There were worse things than having a manipulative witch for a mother. “I’m so sorry, Blaine. I didn’t mean it like that.”

Blaine smiled. “I never thought you were making fun. I just have a weird sense of humor sometimes.” 

​And then he did it. He put his hand on Killian’s arm. Such a simple gesture. Flash! Heat blazed in Killian’s head, and hot steel filled his cock. Blaine started and pulled his hand away. Those green eyes widened, and he stared at Killian like he was either the answer to a dream or a cobra, and Blaine wasn’t sure which. “Holy shit!”

​Killian tried to make sense of his brain synapses and grasped at the first thought. “Uh, food, did you want food?”

Blaine leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I want to eat with you and talk to you and sleep with you and take you home with me. But right now, I want to make love to you so badly I’m having trouble focusing.”

​There was that head nod again. Where the fuck did that come from?
​“Does that mean you want to make love to me too?”

​Killian stared at Blaine, the human physics professor whose simplest touch could drain a witch’s power until his own mother didn’t know him and his people couldn’t benefit from his great sperm and -- and all that dogma. The answer was “yes.”
He did want to make love to Blaine. He wanted it more than anything. The evil witch voice piped up in his head. Yep, these humans are tempting. That’s how the witch race got so depleted. He was the strongest male witch in ten generations. That had to be worth something. He had never had a really satisfying relationship with a man, even for a short time. He wanted one.
Didn’t he deserve just a little happiness before he gave his life for his people? He’d tried it the right way, the witch-stamp-of-approval way, and nearly got his back broken for his trouble. 

Blaine was staring at Killian like he was in suspended animation; only the fingertips that scratched Al’s head moved. There. That was it. Blaine had the best possible credentials. Aloysius, who was no dumb cat, was crazy about the human…and so was Killian. Just that simple. He didn’t care if he rotted in witch oblivion, or if he lost some of his fabled power. How much damage could he do in such a little while? “Yes.”



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