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The Heart's Greater Silence by Anne Brooke

Literary Nymphs Interview
Author: Anne Brooke

Title: The Heart’s Greater Silence
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M erotic contemporary
Release Date: 6 February 2012

Tell us about your latest release

The Heart’s Greater Silence is the story of Mark’s complex relationship with the two very different men in his life, and the choice he has to make between them.

What inspired the story?

Issues of obsession and love always fascinate me, especially the very thin dividing line between them, and the dark writing places it can carry you to. I also think the church can be both an enriching and a dangerous place, and I was very keen to set a story of sexual passion within that environment. With that in mind, one of the men in Mark’s life is a priest, with all the emotional and spiritual baggage that brings. I also love putting my main characters through very traumatic life events in which they are forced, somehow, to make a decision they never wanted to make. I think that when people are put to the test, then you really get an intimate view of who they really are. Does Mark come through such a test? You’ll have to read the story to find out ... J


Richard sprang to his feet and was beside me in two strides. He gripped my arm and pulled me out of my chair. I didn’t protest, though I knew I should have done. As always, the physical contact with him more than mastered me, and I matched him need for need, push for push, groan for groan. Within seconds, I had him against the wall, his body so seemingly fragile against mine I could have crushed him into my skin. God, I wanted to. I didn’t even know if I liked him much, but I wanted him.
I trapped him so he couldn’t get away—not, I think, that he wanted to—and ground my mouth against his. His lips opened without a fight, and I thrust my tongue deep inside. He moaned loudly, and I could feel the vibration of it in my own face. He tasted of wine and warmth. All thoughts of Craig, and who I loved and who I didn’t, slipped away as if they were nothing but shadows. All I knew was the heat of the flesh within my arms and the taste of need on my tongue.
It didn’t take long for kissing not to be enough. I pulled away, knowing the glitter in Richard’s eyes only mirrored my own. For a moment, the loss of him from my grasp felt like a desert I couldn’t cross, but then I fell to my knees and pushed up his robes.
“Take that off,” I begged him. “Please.”
He heaved a sigh up from his belly. He was trembling. “I can’t, I’m on duty,” he hissed. “You know that.”
I shook my head. “Right now I don’t know anything but you. Take it off, Richard.”
He obeyed me. The push and pull between us was making my cock ache, and it wasn’t just me, either. By the time I unzipped the trousers he wore under his robe, Richard was as hard as I was. I didn’t waste any more time—simply opened my mouth as wide as I could and took him inside.
Then I held him there, not allowing him to come, but keeping him on the brink of it. I wanted to give him pleasure, and pain too, and he knew it.
“Damn you, Mark,” he whispered, all sense of God and holiness vanishing away from him at the touch of my lips on his flesh. “You . . . you bastard.”
I wanted to tell him he was right. I was probably damned. I also wanted to tell him it was okay, and he would fuck me soon, but my mouth was too full for the words. He tasted warm and salty as I began to lick the few drops of pre-come from his tip. I loved how wide his cock was in spite of his willowy frame, and how its shape made me stretch and concentrate only on him. These days, it was the nearest thing to worship I knew, or maybe had ever known.

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 Anne Brooke and Gay Reads.
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