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Blood Moon,Yellow Sky by A.M. Burns

Literary Nymphs Interview

Author: A.M. Burns
Title: “Blood Moon, Yellow Sky”
Publisher: Mystichawker Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy/paranormal romance
Release Date: 12/18/11

What inspired the story?

I started writing the book several years ago, and at the time there weren’t a lot of gay paranormal things that I could find. I was shooting for sorta of a gay version of some of the popular series out there like the early Anita Blake or Harry Dreseden books. My original Draft had a lot more vampires, but they got changed out. Now the main character is a dragon, and that change brought him to life in ways that being a vampire never did. The response from readers has been amazing. I am hard at work on the sequel which should be out shortly.


Alex pushed back at everything trying to shield himself from all the outside forces that pounded at him, at us. His shield pushed at our tenuous link and only our continued physical contact held it in place. I tried to strengthen his shields, to protect us and at the same time calm his mind, get him to focus again. I reached out for him by totally entering the astral with him. Here too, our hands linked as in the physical world. He was running. I stopped him. A myriad of emotions played across his features. He brought our linked hands up to his mouth and kissed my fingers. I couldn’t pull back. The lust from the room and my own heart combined and the force was too strong. He moved his hands up my arms. He couldn’t break the link. His astral hands moved up to my shoulders and he pulled me into an embrace, totally losing himself in the emotions permeating the room.

His kiss was warm and tender. We held it as our astral bodies sought to become one. I returned the kiss. I couldn’t help myself. I knew this was not the time, place or conditions, but the lust was too strong. The feel of his body next to mine felt so right. It’d been too long since I held another in my arms for even a moment of passion. His body responded with a lust of its own. I glanced down, and hoped that the astral body was an accurate representation of the physical in this case. Then an idea came to me.

I surrendered to the lust from the room and totally opened the door to my own desires. The feelings I had every time Alex walked into a room. The pain I felt, leaving him alone in his bed last night. I pushed at him with all that lust as I crushed him to my body. My lust was stronger than that from the outside and pushed it back. Alex apparently saw my intentions and copied me. His intensity increased and was almost my undoing, but I kept one thought in the back of my mind. I wanted him somewhere other than this filthy couch in this place where the human predators prowled too close to us. The hope for perfection kept that strand of control thinner than a spider’s web, but just as strong.

When the emotions retreated far enough, I pulled us out of the astral plane and back to our bodies. As the sensations of my physical body came back to me, I realized I was sprawled across Alex’s lap. His regular breathing felt good through the fabric of my shirt and the heat from his body felt natural and very right. The next second, his breathing changed slightly as he emerged from his trance. For a moment, he lingered where he was, but moved one hand to trace the contours of my arm that hung to the floor. His body responded to the action, and to my surprise, mine did, too. I caught his hand in mine and held it close as I sat up.

I sat next to him on the couch for a moment in silence, still holding his hand. As in the astral world, he brought it up to his lips and kissed it softly. He looked at me with soft green eyes that held no mischief, only deep emotions. “Tal.” He started, but I pressed our hands against his lips.

“Later.” I moved in close and kissed him lightly on lips, his scent filled me. I wanted that aroma by me always.

I started to pull away, but he held me close and kissed me back with passion and need.

Where can we find your website?

Thanks for this opportunity. 

Andy Burns

A.M. Burns

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