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Take Me Home by Sloan Parker

Literary Nymphs Interview

Author: Sloan Parker
Title: Take Me Home
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: LGBT Suspense
Release Date: December 13, 2011

Tell us about your new release

Take Me Home is a friends-to-lovers story that takes place during the six days leading up to Christmas. Here’s the short blurb: Ten years after their one and only night in each other’s arms, best friends Kyle and Evan finally give in to passion and new sexual roles while trapped in a blizzard and solving a mystery as they head home for the holidays.

What inspired the story?

This story came to me one day while I was taking a shower. I have no idea what I’d been thinking about (other than I knew I wanted to write a friends-to-lovers story at some point). An hour after that shower, I had several pages of ideas and had flushed out the main premise. At that point I knew Take Me Home would be about two friends taking a journey home for the holidays. They were going to explore a relationship and new sexual roles while they figured out just how much they really did care for each other, and figured out why people wanted to steal an old journal one of them carried with him. From that moment on, I was driven to write Kyle and Evan’s story.


Evan shivered. Which made no sense. He was still warm from the run, the sweat on his skin not even dry yet.

Kyle took another step. Evan wanted him to stop. He wanted to shout all the reasons why this had to stop, before it got started, wanted to tell Kyle not to move another inch.
He didn't.

And Kyle didn't stop coming at him until they were practically touching, Kyle staring down at him.

Evan tried to focus on Kyle's words, on the news about the journal and his grandpa, but all he could think about was what he'd seen when he'd walked into the apartment: Kyle, all skin and taught muscles, wearing only his tight-as-sin white underwear, the briefs stretched over his cock, and the way Kyle had looked at him in the dim light of the hallway.

Just once. He's leaving anyway. Evan closed his eyes and forced himself to concentrate on the conversation. He looked up at Kyle again. "Are you okay?"

Yeah." Kyle said the word with a slight curve of his lips. He took a step back and reclined against the wall, looking casual, like he was about to flirt with a bartender for a free drink.

 "After I read it, I was thinking about that night in the motel room in Iowa on our first drive out here." He slowly swung his head in Evan's direction. "Do you remember that night?"

Evan nodded.

"Do you ever think about it?" Kyle's voice was barely a whisper.
Up until a few months ago, Evan hadn't let himself, but since he'd moved in with Kyle...

"Like right now?"


Kyle slid along the wall, traveling the last remnants of space between them. "Ev, I've been waiting ten years to finish what we started." He pushed off the wall and turned until they were face-to-face again, his dark eyes unflinching as he leaned in. He stopped before their lips touched. The heat of that mouth and body so close stoked the fire inside Evan.

His own body reacted, his cock pushing at his shorts. He wanted to shove Kyle against the wall and kiss him until morning, do everything he'd ever dreamed of when it came to touching Kyle, everything he ached to feel about the man.

The smile Kyle gave him next wasn't the usual cocky one he'd used with countless guys over the years. He pressed forward and slid his lips along Evan's skin from the base of his neck to his earlobe, leaving a trail of goose bumps in his wake. He lingered over Evan's ear and whispered, "You smell so damn good. I want to fuck you, Ev."

Evan shivered again. "We shouldn't..." He couldn't say more. Didn't want to. The time for talking was over. Kyle ran the tip of his tongue along the outside of Evan's ear, and Evan instinctively moved closer. His breath hitched with the touch of Kyle's bare abs against him. Why had he worn a T-shirt to go running?

Using only the weight of his body, Kyle turned them until Evan's back was against the hall wall, then flattened his palms to the wall on either side of Evan's head. He licked his lips and spread his legs until their bodies lined up groin to groin, then rolled his hips, putting pressure against Evan's cock. "God, Ev..."

With that movement, those two words, Evan groaned and let his head fall back to the wall. He couldn't stop himself. He rocked his hips in time with Kyle's. The feel of Kyle's body, his hard cock against him, drove his own arousal higher.

Kyle spoke again, his voice even lower. "It could be so fucking good."

Evan lost track of the arguments he'd been telling himself since he'd left the apartment earlier. He raised his head, and their lips met, the softest brush of flesh until Kyle opened his mouth, seized Evan by the back of the head, and slid his tongue into the touch. The kiss deepened, and Evan thought he'd never be able to stop feeling Kyle's mouth on his, their tongues pressed together.
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  1. Thank you Sloan for this fabulous interview!
    FYI, Take Me Home trailer is posted here

  2. Sloan, Both Emily and I loved this book another excellent work... it was totally awesome.

  3. Hi Sloan-- We all want you to take lots of showers!! : )

  4. @Chocolate Minx: Thanks so much for the interview. Love the trailer!

    @Norma: So happy to hear you and Emily enjoyed TMH. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

    @Tara: LOL. Funny thing is I just took a really long bath yesterday so I could revise a few pages. Worked wonders. There's just something about me and water. I've heard it's suppose to help with creativity.