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Master Class (Master Class, #1) by Rachel Haimowitz

Rachel Haimowitz Literary Nymphs Author Interview

 What would you like new fans to know about you?

If you’re looking for soft and fuzzy, or happy and porny, I’m not your gal, but if you’re looking for a tense, meaty read (er, no double entendre intended) with strong characters and plot and the occasional scorching sex scene, I think you’ll enjoy what I do. I can be dark for certain, but that’s just me making my characters earn their happy ending J

In your fantasy world who or what would you be?

Hmm. In the Song of the Fallen series, I’d definitely be an elf. Not a city elf either, but one like Ayden, out in the wilds. I’d like to think I’d be happier than Ayden, though. And I wouldn’t be a soldier. I suppose I’d probably be a writer there, too.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I’m not sure I have one, to be honest. I tend to prefer fiction over nonfiction, but even that’s not hard and fast. I read a lot, across many genres, and haven’t ever really settled on just one. I obviously have a particular affinity for M/M, and for all the various genres that fall under the speculative fiction umbrella, and I seem to be a character-driven rather than a plot-driven reader (and writer, as well). 

Do you have a favorite quote?

Two, actually. The first is “So it goes,” from Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse Five. The second is “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by,” by Douglas Adams (another favorite writer of mine). That’s terrible of me, I know, especially in a business that’s so deadline-focused, but I love the humor and very much understand where he was coming from when he said that.

What can we look forward to in the future from you?

I have three new releases this winter. My most recent was Master Class, a smoking-hot (and hardcore!) BDSM novella focused on the psychology of sadomasochism. In other words, both the healthy and the unhealthy reasons for why some people pursue these relationships, and how truly amazing—transcendent, even—they can be when you find the right fit. That came out with Riptide Publishing on October 30.

Here's the blurb:

Performing before a crowd of thousands? No problem. Baring his heart before a crowd of one? Better tie him down first.

Broadway darling Nicky Avery is a shooting star by night, but by day he bounces from one heartless one-night stand to the next. A quick flogging, a rough lay, a new whip-hand to manipulate—yet still he yearns for something he cannot even name.

He finds his first true hint of satisfaction in Devon Turner, a self-possessed film star and expert Dom. Devon knows what he wants the moment he sees it, and what he wants is Nicky Avery. Nicky’s never learned to trust and has a nasty habit of topping from the bottom, but he learns fast that in the bedroom, Devon won’t tolerate his actor’s masks.

Nicky's a broken boy, but Devon knows exactly how to put his new sub back together. With patience, care, and all the punishments his little pain slut can handle, Devon breaks Nicky down one scene at a time, revealing a mind that yearns to trust and a heart that hungers for the ecstasy of true submission at last.

This title is #1 of the Master Class series.

You can read an excerpt and purchase Master Class at Riptide Publishing.

SUBlime, Collected Shorts features Nicky and Devon as well.

Broadway darling Nicky Avery gives commanding performances on stage, but when he comes home at night, it's Devon Turner who commands him. Devon—that's "Sir" to Nicky, of course—owns Nicky heart and soul, and neither of them could possibly be happier with that.

This collection of vignettes explores the gifts of submission and domination—Nicky and Devon's ultimate expression of love and trust. The ten short stories range from sweet and sensual to hot and hardcore, from crossdressing to knife play, and so much more.

Dom or sub, curious beginner or 24/7 lifestyler, the stories in Sublime will tease and tantalize, arouse and thrill. And don't mind Devon and Nicky . . . they like to be watched anyway.

(Stories include "All-Nighter," "Down in the Woodshop," "Stainless Steel," "Pretty," "Milk Run," "Too Much," "A Hairy Situation," "Wrapped Up," "One for the Road," and "Pony Up.")

Note: This second edition is a revised re-release of the same title first published in 2010.

The second is Crescendo, Book II of Song of the Fallen. That’s the sequel and conclusion to Counterpoint, and together they make a high fantasy story arc nearly a quarter of a million words long that follows three races at war and two enemies whose love may just be strong enough to bring peace back to the world at last. It’ll be out November 18 at Storm Moon Press.

The third is Break and Enter, an action-packed cyberpunk romp co-written with Aleksandr Voinov and releasing December 20 with Samhain Publishing. I really love this story, mostly for everything it’s not. It has no literary pretensions, no aspirations for high art, no desire to be anything but what it is . . . which is the book equivalent of 90 minutes of high-tension, big-budget car chases and explosions and hot guys running around beating each other up, bringing justice to their little corner of the world, and falling in love along the way. Also there’s a cyborg with a pottymouth.

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Email: metarachel (at) gmail (dot) com


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