Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love, Jamie by AKM Miles


~AKM Miles~

Tell us a bit about Love, Jamie.

My mother had fallen and broken her hip and was in a rehab facility. As I visited her daily, I began to notice a tech that was, literally, Jamie. The little old ladies loved him because he cared for them so well, taking pains to ease theirs and make their stay a better experience. He joked and teased and flirted with them to make them feel special, all the while getting his job done. I talked with him and he was taking classes to become a physical therapist. I thought, "Boy, you need a book."

What's your favorite part of writing this book?

I like characters, and though I have often been slammed for the fact that I have such nice characters (they're all just so damn nice) I write what I want to see in people. Jamie was a good person and I enjoyed writing him that way. He cared about others and I could see him loving Miss Wilhemina and having the dog and falling for Grant. I haven't seen the guy who inspired the story since, but I know he is still making people happy somewhere.


 I liked developing the storyline with Jamie and Grant, since Grant was new to his feelings and wasn't sure about how to go about things. It was fun.

What can we look forward in the future from you?

I have a novel coming from MLR in the fall called Cold Winters. It is about a sheriff in a small rural town in Kentucky. In December (11th) Something for Santa comes out from Silver Publishing. I have started writing For Gom's Sake!, which is a sequel to Soldier...and seems to be much-anticipated by fans who keep asking for Gom's story. Tommy's was a short one, but this will be a full novel and will come from MLR.

If you could change one thing about your publishing career, what would it be?

I wish I could write faster and better. I don't want to lose any quality, but would like to be able to get more out there. I'm proud of what I've done so far and hope to get better as I go. I need to ignore negative feedback and not let it bother me. There hasn't been that much, but I need to grow a tougher skin.


I wish I could care less about what reviewers say, but I'm just not made that way. I take it to heart. But, that's my problem, not theirs. They come out with their opinion and I just have to live with it. On the whole, I've had fair, good, to great reviews. Some, though, have really not cared for my style of writing, but... alas...The response from the fans makes it all worthwhile. Their letters and encouragement have made this new career a wonderful experience.

Where can we find your website?

I'm working with someone now to get one set up. You can find a complete list of my works here: I intend to get a web site and lose a couple of the blogs and so on, so it can all be more centralized. I need to streamline my information into one or two spots and make it more user-friendly for me to keep it up. Hang in there and I will announce it when it is a done deal.

I really appreciate the support of the reviewers at Literary Nymphs. Thanks for the good reviews!

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