Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recommended Reads by Josh Lanyon


Tell us a bit about Dark Tide

The Dark Tide is the fifth and final book in the Adrien English mystery series. Adrien English is a smart -- and smartassed -- Los Angeles bookseller and mystery writer who finds himself involved in a real life murder. Through that awful and terrifying experience, he starts a relationship with a closeted LAPD homicide detective. You're probably groaning as you read this because by now every other m/m writer out there has pretty much done this story in some form, but but when I started the series ten years ago nobody had done it. It was very fresh and it turned the series into something of an m/m classic. In The Dark Tide we reach the end of the line with Adrien and Jake. They've been through a lot -- five murder cases, for one thing! -- and it's the turning point for them. They've both reached their breaking point.

What's your favorite part of writing this book? Why?

Well, it's a very emotionally intense book. The series was laid out from the start, so all the other books built to this final, pivotal story where each man has to face what he really wants and needs -- and be willing to make a sacrifice in order to get his happy-ever-after. For me, it was satisfying to finish what I'd started out to do a decade earlier. And it was a really sweet feeling to deliver the finish I knew readers had been waiting for, longing for. A lot of my readers have been with me from the very beginning, so it was like we had taken this journey together and now we had reached our final destination.

What can we look forward in the future from you?

A new series that I think will be especially popular with fans of the Adrien books. It's the Holmes and Moriarity series. Christopher Holmes is an irascible, slightly reclusive writer who has lost his lover, his publisher, and his drive to write in one horrendous year. Did I mention this is a comedy? It doesn't sound funny, but it is. At least...I hope it is. Anyway, Christopher too finds himself in the unlikely role of amateur sleuth. His romantic foil is J.X. Moriarity, an ex-cop mystery writer -- someone younger, more handsome, and a lot more successful than Christopher. He triggers all of Kit's insecurities and defense mechanisms, not least because he seems to really love Christopher. That's not something Christopher is used to or knows how to deal with. The first book is Somebody Killed His Editor. I'm working on the second book right now -- All She Wrote is due out in late October.

If you could change one thing about your publishing career, what would it be? Why?

Good question. I think I would have gotten serious a lot earlier. I've been publishing professionally for over twenty years, but it's only the last decade that I made two crucial changes: I focused on what I really loved to write and I assumed a completely businesslike attitude. Until that time I'd had a fair bit of success, but I wasn't particularly professional in my attitudes or work habits. If I had been, I'd be retired and living very comfortably by now. As it is, I earn a living, but I work hard and I work full-time -- and I do mean full-time.

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